Willie I used to be in the UDR Frazer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wonk_Mog, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Can we universally condemn this fat wee shite for his antics. I care nothing for his flag waving poses but in the last week he has put on the headress of the RIR in doing so and that is a serious mistake. **** his personal campaign and I hope he gets bummed in gaol.
    BBC News - Flag protest: Willie Frazer refused bail by judge
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  2. Can you tell me more about the time that you cried off from a fight with a fat crab pilot?
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  3. ..........................
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  4. I would happily condemn his antics if I could work up enough interest in the bell end.

    However just to clarify a couple of things in your post and thread title; Willie Frazer has never served in the UDR. He turned up at a protest a couple of weeks ago wearing a caubeen with Royal Irish Rangers cap badge in it. I think (more than happy to be corrected) that he did serve in their TA Battalion 4/5 Rangers.
  5. Outrage averted.

    Top thread. Now, is Peroxide Pat your ex and AMMM your daughter or what?
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  6. The only people Iever cried off was the long arm of the law.
  7. Never having researched the stupid fat wee **** I was under the impression he had served in the UDR.
  8. Never porked peroxide pat, the modern milly munter is consigned to history ever since her hubby was convicted of rape during some concensual swingers party. If only I could have got her on the Jeremy Kyle show, close but oh so far.
  9. You still bottled a fight with him. You cock.
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  10. The munter set the peelers on me after I exposed his family of sex offenders, it would have been unwise to involve myself outside of jeremy kyle.
  11. What about the short, wind-milling arms of a Chinook pilot (who may/may not be a sex pest dependant upon where in the country you come from)?
  12. Typical bigot. Why let the truth get in the way, eh?
  13. Why do you people insist upon bringing your Irish problems to the mainland (via any means)?
  14. Otherwise known as 'stalked her all over the internet like some kind of wronged 14 year old girl'.

    You bucket of ****.
  15. He needs locked up, but in a nice soft walled ward. Seriously, the guy's ill, he needs help.
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