Williams - Skelton rematch

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Pork_Pie, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. I plan to watch this, but am a little concerned to discover that Williams weighed in at 20 1/2 stone! That's more than a stone heavier than last time, when he didn't appear super lean.

    Oh well, should still be an entertaining fight, if not one for the purists.

    I think young Khan is fighting on the undercard.

    Anybody else planning to watch?
  2. Im watching, but only for the Khan fight - not interested in Williams but will watch it if nothing better is on
  3. Ditto to that, Amir is an absolute machine once he gets in the ring. Incredibly entertaining.
  4. Possibly due to the fact that hes fighting very carefully picked opponents who will make him look good
  5. Thats a good point actually, when is he going to get this much vaunted "title shot" then?
  6. His last fight though proved that he needed to be a bit clever. He nearly took him so I dont think its as easy as all that. They are designed to test him. He is not another Audly!
  7. Yes but he might be another Prince Naseem Hamed and look what happened to him the first time he fought a "live" body
  8. I am with Sandy ith this one , Amir is a good lad but you can bet his first 10 or so fights will be very carefully picked .
    Boxing is so corrupt , Journey men boxers will take a few extra Hundred quid to ''lose'' and make the young star look good .
  9. I read that Williams has put on an extra 18lbs due to whacking a dirty great big truck tyre with a sledge hammer! I personally would not want to be on the end of a punch from him. A lot of talk from his camp is of Skelton playing dirty. Will it be a dirty match?
  10. P_3, boxing had some serious probs in the past (although, to judge by Serie A, it may now have fewer than football). However, journeymen opponents aren't bribed to lose. There's no need to bribe them - if they were good enough to stand a decent chance of beating potential champs, they wouldn't be journeymen.
  11. Pork pie sorry mate you are wrong , as an ex-pro myself i can tell you there are loads of journy men pros who
    take a few hundred extra to put on a good show and make the star look good .
  12. Man this is funny...."Wig-Wearing Mike Tyson Retires From Foxy-Boxing". Yeah I know it's satire, but it's still hilarious.



  13. Well, as an ex pro, you'll have better knowledge than me about this kind of thing.