William Wales and his Weapon - Did this get seen ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rhino_Stopper, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Britain’s Prince William has scupperred his chances of receiving a prestigious army award after losing his gun during an exercise.

    The 24-year-old royal was tipped to win the Sword of Honour - awarded to the most outstanding officer cadet - when he graduates from Sandhurst Military Academy next month.

    However, William is said to have blown his chances after a blunder during a firing exercise.

    Despite spending hours searching the countryside campus for his SA80 assault rifle, the young royal was forced to return to the barracks empty-handed to face harsh criticism from his senior officers.

    A source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper: "William was really panicking as he knew he was in serious trouble. He even borrowed his friend’s bike and spent hours frantically scouring the academy for it. Much to his embarrassment, it was handed in two hours later by another cadet."
  2. This was a talking point at my recent AOSB, and what a laugh we had!
  3. Yes.



    Search is a wonderful thing...
  4. sounds like dirty tricks to me. I only know of a couple of Blues & Royals that have ever won the sword, it's a mighty fine looking champagne opener too
  5. Handed in by another Cadet, who probably had it the whole time after finding it hours earlier?
  6. The story is utter toss from start to finish.
  7. Classic....

    Same thing happened to me... turned out that the 2IC had it all the time "for a laugh"... but not until I had alerted BAOR. Red faces all round.

    Glad to hear the Sword will be going elsewhere. I guess William's had enough prezzies from his Mum, and this way it'll get pride of place in someone's life and not just stuck in the closet with another pile of jewels and ermin. That said... there is a tinsy-wincy little feeling sorry for him on a personal level.
  8. Having been at Sandhurst during the 'incident' and more importantly speaking to the duty Field Officer the morning after, I can confirm, with Arfur, that this is a load of BS. Enough said.
  9. Oh come on Joee...

    Leave us be. Never ever ever... let the truth get in the way of a good story!

    It would destroy the media and then they'd be unemployed and have to join the Army to pay their rent.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Wouldn't like to be in that Jack Litle F*cker's Pl/Tp :twisted: