William & Thomas Richlieu

Not entirely sure what you are after. Do you want to know the medal entitlement, or are you trying to locate the actual medals awarded.
In the case of William his medal card says he was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal, no stars, so it would appear he might not have done the France bit. I cant locate his war record on Ancestry so a bit difficult to say where he went.
If you are trying to locate the actual medals then you need to get onto the medal collectors forums to see if anyone has them, best of luck with that.
You might also try the Great War Forum, I think they have a section that deals with this.

Good hunting.
@jcm649: agreed-his MiC is very sparse and shows his entitlement only to a British War Medal and Victory Medal pair.

And yet. The pic provided definately shows a 3-ribbon bar, suggesting that he was awarded a 1915 Star. The information provided by the OP would seem to confirm that.

The fact that his MiC shows a pair tells us that he served overseas at some point. It is very probable that his original MiC may have been lost.
Morning, Mark,

Well, the pic of your Great Grandparents definately shows the chap with a 3-ribbon bar. As you have probably deciphered, his uniform shows at least one wound stripe (lower left sleeve) so that, combined with a 1915 Star, confirms that he served overseas prio to 1915. Apply for his Service records as these will be more detailed that anything than SPVA can provide. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows for records to be released if his date of birth was more than 116 years.

The only other thing that I can suggest is that the pic that you believe to be GG Parents is'nt one of them? You say that family anecdote says that he served in S Africa at some point: it is possible that he may have had short service in the Boer War, thus earning a Queen's South Africa medal. However, given what would seem to be the relatively young age of the chap in the pic-taken immediately after WWI-I find it hard to believe that this individual was of an age to have served in both the Boer and First World War.

As to Great Uncle: well, I would suggest that his entitlement can be picked up for about £40-£50 tops from a good dealer. Don't mess about with copies-buy wisely and pick up orphan originals. As regard to his service records-if his death was greater than 25 years, again, you can apply under FOIA for his details. You will, however, need to provide evidence of both dates of birth and death.

Finally, if you have'nt done so, join the British Medal Forum and ask your questions there: several of the members also post here. They also provide a link to a Medal Watch scheme and this may help you track them down.

Good luck and I wish you success.
Hi Mick,

I can't help you on the medals front I'm afraid, but you may find it interesting to know that my granfather Walter Richlieu b. 1928 ( still alive ) recalls his cousin Thomas Richlieu. My grandfather was in the merchant navy and married in south africa after the war. Several years ago, he mentioned visiting Thomas' parents after the war in his merchant uniform, it apparently upset them as he was so alike to Thomas. I have to say, having finally seen a photo of Thomas on this page, I am quite staggered at the resemblance to my grandfather in early photographs. Next time I visit family up north I'll try and scan one in to show you what I mean.

I was aware of Thomas' story, but thank you for posting the photograph.

Kind regards,

The Kurgen,

Go to this website....http://www.tokenpublishing.com//Default.asp?

There is a publication on there called Medal News. You may have to buy or subscribe to a copy, but there is a section in this magazine that you can input details, and someone will try and locate the medals for you. It may be a long shot but I have used that facility successfully on one occassion.

I`m noit too sure exactly where the section is now, but the Classified Advertisement section rings a bell.

Good luck!
Just been back on the above website.....go to the left hand side and you will see on the menu `Merdal Tracker`.

Input the deatils and wait...out!

As I said, Good Luck!
For info my grandad probably met yours.
He has the three numbers (original TF, 6 digit and then the seven digit post war number)
From what I can see he joined in April 1914, went to the summer camp which was then cancelled due to war breaking out then went overseas as per your dates above with 5 DLI
Interestingly his medal card has the 1915 star written with the same ink and handwriting has his original number (which may indicate the medal was awarded earlier)
He was injured at Kemmel on 11 April 1916, then went around the battalions, 20th (where he won the MM ) then finally the 18th.
I have posted a photo of the 18th at at Arques Town Hall just before demob in December 1918 if you want a high res, please PM

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