William Jefferson Hague demanding his spoils of war entitlement.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. If, like me you have seen William Hague talking about his views about what should be happening in relation to Libya's new future, apart from being forgiven for thinking that he owned the place, it is obvious that he is demanding his share of booty as some sort of entitlement for Britain.

    Link .... Muslims must reject Western interference | Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

    Personally, i think that the first thing that any new interim Libyan government will do is to give the Western vultures a fake and **** them all clean off.
  2. Good on him. I hope he drives a hard bargain and gets the very best in terms of contracts and concessions for British companies. He should also reclaim Britain's old training area in the Libyan Desert and ensure some cooperation on keeping African refugees out of Europe.

    At the very least, the new Libyan government needs to reimburse the cost of British air and naval operations.
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  3. Some cheap oil would be nice too!
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What a joy it was sitting on the semi-enclosed thunderbox, reflecting on life, the world and the universe while staring at miles of desert rolling down towards S Africa.

    St Barbaras tented camp was a real holiday camp.

    if we get our training areas back, I hope the government spends a couple of bob on some accommodation (no not 5* hotels for RAF peelots).
  5. Bollocks to him, he should be up in his own constituency sorting out the local pub and shop and unleashing merry hell on the bloke from Hartlepool who bought them both.

    Lazy shirker.
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  6. You're probably better off keeping him away from the local pub. He may drink 47 pints before lunchtime then make tedious boasts about it...
  7. What, Foreign Secretary does his job in looking out for British interests? That makes a nice change from the last shower, who saw their job as representing the interests of foreigners to the British taxpayer.
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  8. I would do, if the ******* thing was open.

    They're trying to make it into a "Community Pub" but the shithouse that bought it wants to make it into a house.

    Little does he know that people have nicked all the lead off the roof and it's probably condemned by now.
  9. Hague looks like he has had the lead nicked off his roof too. Baldy headed bugger.
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  10. I've always seen it the other way. In my opinion i can see us pouring a lot of money (which we don't have apparently but do when it comes to foreign aid and the EU) into the new Libya, and i think if we want Libya to become a stable new democracy etc etc then we will need to put resources into it. Despite any concessions and benefits we get i think we will still be paying out more than we get in the bank. But anyway, at least Bedouin tents shouldn't be too pricey!
  11. Whys that then? Do you not think we're owned a little something for stopping them being butchered like cattle? If Gordon was still in charge would you be spouting such drivel?
    I think that the very last thing the new government of Libya should be doing is ******* off Europe considering the shite state their country's in and the amount of foreign investment and expertise they'll be needing to make the most of the billions of oil and gas they're sat on and that could potentially turn them into an African power.
  12. It strikes me it's all a bit soon to be making noises about victory/regime change just yet. Gaddafi's not been found yet, he still has soldiers loyal to him whereas we look like we're backing a bunch of Islamists and lunatics who look like they've escaped from the African Infantryman thread in the NAAFI. When someone actually comes up with Gaddafi's body or his troops start switching sides en masse then I'll start to believe it.

    And when that happens the concern will be that a country which was at least reasonably stable and not Islamist will suddenly turn into a terrorist shithole a couple of hours' boat ride from southern Europe.
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  13. Let us pray:

    Teach us good Lord to serve thee as thou deservest, to give and
    not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil
    and not to seek for rest, to labour and to ask for NO reward, save
    that of knowing that we do thy will; through Jesus Christ
    our Lord. Amen.

    Is this line only now used for purposes of convenience as and when suited?

    Or maybe William is saving up hard now to be Atheist? :)
  14. Will he be sharing a bedroom with his "assistant" :?
  15. Well luckily enough the Bible and the shite therein hasn't been a factor in government decisions for a while now, except possibly under that twat Blair. Maybe he's actually doing his job which is to promote and protect British interests abroad, which include getting us a share of the billions of pounds worth of oil and gas development that'll be coming up in Libya in the near future.
    We stopped you and your families from being slaughtered and would like be favoured as bidders when these contracts come up and not see them given to some ********* who bribe you having done **** all to help you in your recent troubles. Seems perfectly fair to me and is hardly Imperialistic is it.