William in Chocolate Gong Shocker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ford_Prefect, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Prince William has just conducted his first offical engagement in New Zealand commerating the end of WW2 and dangling from his lapel was the Queen's Jubilee medal, (services to art history?)

    Did he fulfill the qualification period or is he entitled to it because of who he is. If this man is destined to become an Officer in the British Army he should realise that just because he can: doesn't mean he should! (May help him when he is king)
  2. Who cares what e wears on is lapel??

  3. All the royals got it

    Not seen footage of 'Arry at OTC taking a parage gong flappingl ike a good'un

    Also I belive all surviving VC's got it as well. I know that Lt Col at Pte Beharry's announcement had one
  4. Billy got his Mong Gong along with the rest of the assembled muppetry in 2002. A prezzie from his mam. The VC&GC Assoc. only got it after a fight. Jarred a lot of people off when him & Hewitt Jr. came mincing out of the big 'ouse with their shiny things. Ho hum.
  5. Yes, does anyone really care that he has it?
    He probably has other baubles too
  6. ere ! my earlier post has been removed !
  7. Don't forget that the qualification criteria applied to the armed services was not an exercise in inclusion. Quite the reverse. The whole idea was to filter out enough people so that the number qualifying was roughly equal to the number of medals that the Neue Arbeit accountants were willing to manufacture.

    Remember the plods squealing like stuck pigs because they'd been left out (no special relationship to the monarch, you see)? Well Sticky here thinks that it was no coincidence that shortly after caving in to their demands, the minister concerned (Jowell?) was pondering how she might get hold of the requisite number of medals without having to spend any more money. Some toady must have told her that on average no more than 40% of the TA qualify for bounty in any one year...and hey presto! The TA qualification suddenly required the 2002 bounty as well as five years.

    Then the plods (and the trumptons, to be fair) showed their undying gratitude by flooding ebay with the little feckers in a sad attempt to portray an air of indifference.

    Anyway, more to the point, there were quite a few civvies that got the medal too as a means of recognition for services to this that & the other so don't make the mistake of thinking there was only one way of getting it.
  8. in the ACF , you have to have been in for 5 years before qualifying for one.
  9. OYE Dzerzhinskiey, who the fcuk said you could nick my avatar?!
    Fcuk sake, turn your back for 2 fcukin' days and some twats off with your kit!
  10. Ha ha, well put matey and also very true.
  11. Oh well

    I saw it