William Hague - What next?

What's next for William?

  • A nice little cosy pad with him, some young male SPAD for company, and Ffion of course

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So old William Vague has decided to leave politics. So what next?

I've added a poll to offer a vote on where or why William Hague the Younger is off to pastures new . .


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I'd have thought more Danny La Rue.

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He's from Yorkshire FFS, it'll be bad enough stumping up the money for the Liberace wigs but a Danny La Rue set jeez!
National Judo coach for the next Olympics?


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Start spreading the news....

What we need to do is to encourage our resident Parliamentary Group Poster to start telling everyone in Westminster. Isn't that right @DOT
As one of the few politicians with any credibility I reckon his decision to leave politics merely enhances that credibility.

I'd go for other; sat in a cosy house in The Dales somewhere with a great view, sat watching the news and foaming at the mouth whilst Ffion soothes his fevered brow and relieves the swelling.

Who's the idiot?


What we need to do is to encourage our resident Parliamentary Group Poster to start telling everyone in Westminster. Isn't that right @DOT

Rampant - that would be classed as being outside of our remit.
Billy goes to make way for Dave's Babes.He will of course write even more books and make himself loads of money,can't wait for his memoirs.
He's now an attractive proposition for any multinational looking for direct access to the innermost sanctums of this government, possibly the next government and a political party with a track record of being in government.

He will grace the boardrooms of several of the most prosperous companies of the realm as he now starts to use all that political nous to pad out the bank account substantially.

Finally, it's time to start raking it in!

Tony Blair! Move over! Your time has ended. Long live the new King! :)

Seriously though! Watch the announcements over the next month or two as the not particularly good offers are weeded out and the most lucrative appointments are finalised.
He's been raking it in for years. IIRC, he very nearly turned down a shadow cabinet role since it would mean more time on politics and less writing history books/after-dinner speaking, etc.




It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that many senior politicians are linked to the North Wales abuse scandal.

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister when this abuse was taking place.

Leon Brittan, who was in Thatcher’s cabinet at the time, was passed a dossier about a VIP abuse ring by brave MP Geoffrey Dickens.

William Hague was in charge of the enquiry into North Wales child abuse which was a whitewash.

William Hague used to live at Dolphin Square.

Westminster Councillors have been linked to Dolphin Square abuse.

Ian Greer is a key player in the scandal.

All of these names are very important witnesses in the case of VIP child-abuse in North Wales and Dolphin Square.

We bloody well hope that Operation Pallial officers are making plans to call them in for questioning a.s.a.p.

Why the hell wouldn’t they?"
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