William Hague speech - Bournemouth conference

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Hague is currently on the platform.

    I must say he is more vocal than Cameron.

    He is certainly correct when he just said :

    "Britian's intergration with Europe has gone far enough. Our place is in Europe but not run by Europe"
  2. Our place is indeed in Europe... accompanied by several divisions of tanks, infantry and heavy artillery.. I'll give the f*ckers a united Europe!
  3. I must say he made some good points and came across well.
    However these things are easy to say when in oposition, what would they do if they were in power words are always easier than deeds.
  4. Hague always comes across well in his articles, trouble is, he's still living down that conference speech when he was an oily little tick.
  5. Don't think he will ever live it down!! But at least he can make a joke out of it now!
  6. ...my map still tells me the UK is in Europe! Hey ho...

    Of course Eddie H was right to take us into Europe but the British model is profoundly different from France's concept of integration.

    Britain's model is primarily economic integration which is sound logic. Political integration has little logic other than ensuring France returns to the supremacy over all, especially us.
  7. We were taken into Europe on a false pretext, the result of the referendum in the 70's was fraudulent (Why else were all votes taken to London for "Centralised" counting against all usual electoral practice?)

    The Tories and Neue Arbeit have both sold our country down the river.

    If Hague had any courage he'd leave the Tories and start his own party.
  8. Which was?
  9. That the rest of Europe liked us!!
  10. That it would be beneficial for us... :roll:
  11. Did he mention Snail's email? :D
  12. That it was a Common Market of independent nations, in other words a trade agreement.

    Since when did the UK population ever get the chance to vote on becoming part of a United States of Europe?

    We are being robbed of our money, of our sovereignty, of our very right to exist as a Nation State.

    If you are Pro Europe... you are Anti Democracy... simple.
  13. I just wish he'd take that tennis ball sized plum out of his chops and be his good old Northern working class boy again. :x
  14. We are in Europe largely as our Empire and then Commonwealth market couldn't sustain us.

    We are anti-Europe largely because of our abysmal record in working collaboratively with our closest neighbours.. a little Englander mentality fostered by years of denying our Empire has gone.

    The EU is a massive market with huge potential and the sooner we find ways to be at its helm, the better for us and the EU. It's all about the economy.
  15. And what about Norway? They manage very well. We can still have trade agreements with the EU and the money we'd save on subsidising the EU would be better spent on the armaments we'll need to cowe the EU into well deserved submission.

    Europe would have to pay back ALL the money we have poured into it since the 70's.

    If they refuse and can't be cowed into submission, I'm pretty much prepared to batter them into submission. A few Cruise Missiles into the EU Parliament does have a certain elegant charm!

    The EU is a massively corrupt dictatorial soviet. The sooner we withdraw and consign it to the dustbin of history, the better.

    On a serious note, unless we have an open and honest referendum on membership, all legislation from Europe that robs the UK of rights, is morally indefensible.