William for King

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. What the feck are you babbling about, the succesion isn't Big Brother. The fact that the popular press are obsessed with William, who may be a nice bloke but has done absolutely nothing to warrant this hero worship, does not alter the fact that HRH Prince Charles is the legal heir to the British Throne. It would be interesting to know who actually voted on this dumb brained survey. I think Charles will make an excellent King as he has been brought up to realise that there is a difference between being Royal and being a celebrity.
    As for Camilla, she is Charles's wife and will therefore be the Queen whether you like it or not.
  2. Just another extension of Diana worship, I have no doubt that William will make a good king when it is his turn (so to speak) and as for Kate Middleton making the grade as a royal and Camilla not this is yet another expression of the publics Diana obsession.

    IMHO Camilla has carried out her public duties (such as they are) in the manner we would expect from the Royals, with professionalism and Dignity and a degree of humility as far as this correspondent is concerned she already has "made the grade".

    And while I am at it how the hell do the public think they are qualified to comment on such matters, most of which haven't given a days service to this country never mind a lifetimes.

  3. Guess what.

    For hundreds of years we have had a system in place, and by this System Charles will be the next King. Charles III. End of.

    William will be King also, when Charles III steps down.

    And Camilla will be Queen. Whether or not Kate becomes Queen will depned on whether or not she marries Will.
  4. William's popularity has increased since resuming is romance wit Kate Middleton.

    Just shows how bonkers many are in this country - and how ignorant they also seem to be of how things work.

    To the hole methinks.
  5. He wont be Charles III. I believe he wishes to be George VII.

  6. on the subject of monarchy, and as somebody who deep down would like to see they're power restored, can i just say im actually glad diana is "out of the picture" because frankly she was just bringing more and more disgrace on the royal family. even 10 years on the tabloids are spouting shit about how she might have been pregnant.. imagine the disgrace of that..harry and william having a bast-ard half arab half brother!

    *prepares to be hate mailed*
  7. i was just about to post that when i saw you had beaten me to it. apparently charles is not a popular name for a king presumably because of the stuart dynasty?
  8. Maybe that is why the space goats had her killed? :p

  9. if she had been i would willingly have pushed her down the stairs..

    i may have crossed a line now.
  10. She managed to explain a ginger son - BTW what colour hair did Capt Hewitt have? :twisted:
  11. Thing is - is charles legally still in line to the monarchy?

    Theres still a lot of unresolved issues over the whole catholic/divorcee issue that seem to have been fudged over for now, come succession I have no doubt they would raise their ugly head again!
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The second the Queen dies, the PoW becomes King. That's the law unless there is an Act of Parliament to change it BEFORE that happens.
  13. maby old gordon brown will try and pass a law to put himself on the throne ;) lets face it it would be about as legitimate as his position as prime minister.
  14. Not only is Charles the rightful heir to the throne, he is also the right person. Anyone who has met him will know that he has an excellent understanding of the the modern world and, more importantly, how Britain fit's into that modern world. A man of passion, commitment and dedication.

    Ginger Billy is a sprog who knows nothing, has been nowhere and seen nothing!

    Ridiculous survey!