Will YWCA stay in Germany?

I suspect that any move will be to do with the introduction of PAYD, and NAAFI having the sole rights to catering of any sort.
Not another bone question followed by pathetic non-arguments from the very un-aptly named 'outstanding'. Don't think I'll bother.
Na, what's the point? If he's too dense to know that CVWW canteens and paper shops have been making little of no profit since they started in Germany to support the soldiers. They imported daily papers from the UK to provide them same day because there was no profit in it at all and the NAAFI saw no reason to do it. A few years back the NAAFI decided that it was a good idea to take that little corner of the market from the Welfare types and force them into a situation where the profit made in canteens didn't even cover the wages of the wives employed in them and more and more to close or run at a loss.

He'll come up with patetic non-arguments until he sees how wrong he's been when he'll pipe up and say that he's always liked them and it's a shame they are going. So no point.
Actually as you know PP I am in favour, just heard a rumour that they were pulling out as they cannot make ends meet anymore - not just NAAFI but a range of other stuff Health and Safety competing German shops and people prepared to go out of camp far more
The CVWW emphasise that its member organisations complement and do not substitute the work of NAAFI which is the recognised official organisation for the provision of canteen services for the forces. The voluntary organisations have no wish to set up in business as traders or to act in competition with NAAFI. However, their moral and spiritual work cannot be wholly sustained by donations alone and a certain amount of trading is necessary to maintain their work. Certain paragraphs of the Charter specify the limitations which must be placed on CVWW trading in order to ensure that NAAFI’s trading rights and obligations, which are designed to protect the long term interests of the serviceman, are not infringed in a manner which will affect NAAFI’s viability as a trading organisation.
Outstanding, do you have any valid posts to add or do you just like reading your own input into, as PP correctly stated, non arguments?
It's looking more and more likely that CVWW's days are numbered, hatsened mainly by PAYD. BFG PLC is also questioning their existence, citing that they don't plug a gap, that they collectively cost hundreds of thousands each year in subsidies, and that there's no accountability and little visibility on the welfare benefits. I'm not saying I agree with all that, but those are the questions being asked.
Alos heard that they are supposed to donate 50% of their profit to the local Garrison,but as they make nothing Garrisons get nothing. Maybe another part of CVWW could make it work ie. not YWCA. What about red shield or Church Army.
It has been reported in that pinnicle of investigative Jornalism, the 'Sixth Sense' (which as an aside started as the local 6 Bde rag in Soest, hence the title) that 4 of the 7 YMCA locations in Germany are being closed as they cannot be made viable due to PAYD. That means the vacated canteens/shops will no doubt be taken over by NAAFI, that world famous 'None Profit Making' organization, have vast ammounts of money invested in them under the usual vail of 'doing us a favour' and complete the NAAFI's monopoly in those locations.

This is of course supposed to 'increase' choice for the military community even though you now get the same 'choice' whether you visit the NAAFI canteen, Services shop or NAAFI Max. A great step forward.
Outstanding said:
Maybe another part of CVWW could make it work ie. not YWCA. What about red shield or Church Army.
These are also being affected by PAYD. Expect to see a reduction in their presence, if they don't disappear altogether.
They are interested in the business though and more may follow if they think that they cando better than YWCA and provide pastoral support at the same time.
As I understand it the way ahead lies with whatever each garrison commander wants to do. It is for them to determine the need, check out providers and agree the proposition. On Glen Mansells radio show about 2 weeks ago a Lt Col from UKSC(G) said that Brigadier Mariner from Rhinedahlen was already "negotiating" with alternative providers.
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