Will you vote for the coalition next time around?


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I didn't vote for the Coalition last time (nobody did), just Conservative. But due to the wankwers who couldn't see past Red, their family ties to Labour and the unemployed dross who voted Labour just to keep skiving, they never got the vote they needed hence the shambles that is the Coalition. Basically, I'll be voting Tory again.
Nope. Milosovic would still get my vote.

He was a lovely man and the world is a colder place without his kind hearted and fun filled attempts at genocide.


I'm ******* voting FEMEN every opportunity.

I want a FEMEN PM that will definitely cause interest on the international stage.

make PMQ's more ******* interesting too, mind you ladyboy milliband and Reichsmarschall Balls will probably cow tow anyway in a fit of pc right on ness.
No, I won't be voting for the coalition next time round, apart from anything else it is not possible.

The question is so bone I'm wondering if this is intended as a wah - which it isn't.
I have to ask, even as others have hinted. How the f**k did you get the forum to post this in so wrong! It takes an extra special effort to get this far off the beaten track!
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