Will you raise a glass tonight 5 june, at 23:16

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. At 00:16 Double British Summer Time ( 23:16 BST ) on 6th june 1944, D Company 2nd Bn Ox and Bucks landed by glider at Benouville ( now Pegasus ) Bridge.

    The battle for the liberation of Europe had begun.
  2. I shall indeed salute all those who took part in Operation Overlord.

    A magnificent feat of arms.
  3. There will be more than the odd glass of port raised in this house.
  4. I feel a bottle of Damn Fine Shiraz will be consumed.

    To all the Men and Women who fell in the cause of freedom from the tyranny of the Nazi Germany - I salute you!
  5. Utrinique Paratus

    Every man an emperor

    It will have to be Budweiser but I think the sentiment is there!
  6. Didnt need to ask old boy. A fine port and a cuban fresh from the humidor
  7. The greatest day in History?? Very probably.

    I will raise a glass or three in honour to those that went before us.

  8. You can see why many a veteran feels a little bitter. So much is made of Overlord that those who slogged their way up the boot of Italy for almost 2 years feel forgotten and ignored.

    The battle for the liberation of Western Europe began on the 9th July 1943 in Sicily or the 3rd Sept '43 on the Italian mainland.

    So this year, for a change. Raise your glasses to Alexander's 'D-Day dodgers' and the 49,259 that are buried in Italy.
  9. A glass or two of Highland Park shall duly be raised in the CC household.
  10. You put it excellently, god rest them all.
  11. who was the first casualty,,of d day.
  12. cdo_gunner, I' ll do just that. To all of them who died for us. I think Lt Dan Brotheridge was the first DDAY casualty.
  13. Glass will be charged ,
    to our heroic predecessors .


    and stuff the nurse and her pills
  14. I've been raising a glass since 1116 hrs this morning.

    Good lads, every last one.
  15. One of the Ox and Bucks lads drowned when exiting the glider - sorry, name escapes me.. first KIA Lt Den Bretheridge.