Will you raise a glass tonight 5 june, at 23:16.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. At 00:16 Double British Summer Time ( 23:16 BST ) on 6th june 1944, D Company 2nd Bn Ox and Bucks landed by glider at Benouville ( now Pegasus ) Bridge.

    Operation OVERLORD had begun
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  2. Ably supported by the rest of 6th Airborne division.
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  3. The Royal Navy, GPR, etc etc
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  4. Up the Ox & Bucks....
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  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Delivered on top of the target by the handsome and fiendishly brave gentlemen of the Glider Pilot Regiment

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  6. Just watching it on tv and been there, hard to believe how close they landed.

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  7. The RAF called it the greatest feat of tactical flying of the war. That's very magnanimous of them - I can't imagine the Army giving praise like that to the RAF these days, even when deserved.

    Pegasus Bridge is a quite an extraordinary place to visit - and it's my favourite part of 'The Longest Day'!
  8. Been to the bridge a few times - the AAC always have a cracking turnout, shame the Rifles - descendants of the OXF & BUCKS - don't. Even saw AAC helping with food at the Cafe Gondree.

    The clip from The Longest Day showing the assault is interesting for a number pf reasons - first, it was obviously filmed at the bridge, and you get an idea as to the astonishing level of skill shown by the late S/Sgt Wallwork, GPR, who landed his glider 47 metres from the bridge.

    Second, Major Howard, who was ( as most know) i/c the coup de main party was played by Richard Todd - who dropped with 7 ( Light Infantry ) PARA in support of the Coup de Main party.

    P_G - did you ever get to meet Jim Wallwork?
  9. Never been and residing in Canada as I do, unlikely to unfortunately. Agree with all the comments above - top job done by brave people.
  10. In a TV programme a couple of years ago I saw the training film created using models so the Pilots could watch time and time again their approach to get it right on the day ( night ) of the race ... a critical task magnificently executed .
  11. The model used to be in the Airborne Forces Museum in Aldershite, I presume its gone to Colchester?

    Amazingly detailed, PR flights daily so if the Germans cut down a tree, the model would be updated next day. About 12 foot square.
  12. Glass will be duly raised.

    Slainthe M'hath !
  13. Wallwork I think
  14. ^ ah, indeed.
  15. And my uncle (who is happily still alive). Although I think that he was actually D+2, so I might have to wait a couple of days. Nah... **** it.