Will you pay £250 to park at work?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. I am outraged, I mean really outraged, £250 to park at bloody work if it goes through Linky Bit
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    About time - our local council workers have free parking in the centre of town. Why do some areas of the public sector feel they deserve free prime parking when they are putting up the cots of joe publics parking to pay for it.
  3. Taking into account the days they are actually there, it works out at about a pound a day, which isn't too bad there are a lot of folk paying a lot more than that each day
  4. I work at an airport that was (mis)managed by BAA. The airport authority seriously suggested charging my employer £5000 per year per employee car. They were told collectively by all of the business tenants to ram it, and also reminded that for control authority employees on shift, it would be illegal.

    Councils may be skint, but BAA are just greedy bastards.
  5. 11 years ago the hospital I worked at started charging for parking. Everyone grumbled and complained then they all paid.
  6. NHS hospitals in England already do charge and have done for years. My Trust charges staff £300 a year, irrespective of what salary you are on, so a Band 2 Medical Records clerk on £15k a year pays the same as a doctor on £60k a year. Result? Those that can't/won't pay park in surrounding housing estates and piss off the locals.

    A couple of years ago they increased the cost of staff parking and when there was a protest, the CEO said it was either an increase or people would be made redundant. There having been an announcement a few months ago that car parking charges for hospitals in England (it's already free in Scotland and Wales) would be scrapped by 2012, I'm waiting to see where the cuts will be made to cover the loss of revenue...
  7. If you work on a campus site, out of town and the parking space is "inside the wire", say at a List X site, then this just seems like councils are hoisting the Jolly Roger and going piratical on private sector employers. They can dress it up as being part of joined up green transport strategies but frankly that is just cake and arse. If there is no public transport option, then how are you supposed to get to work?

    I used the park and ride in Bath last year and that was fine, giving me a bit of exercise in the morning and evening. now I work in South Wales and about half a mile from an M4 junction on an industrial estate. There is no other option than to drive from home to POW. If some Plaid councillor fancies taking £250 off me to support his expenses I will be furious - it will be taxation without representation as I live in another consttituency, another council area and indeed another country!
  8. Not at the new Edinburgh Royal (as my nursing friends have told me)
  9. To clarify this myth, it is only free in hospitals that were not built under PFI, in these you still have to pay
  10. Once again, I stand corrected! :salut:
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Clarify a myth on arrse - thats not how it works is it??

  12. sorry i have labyrnthitis it has affected me bad :)
  13. However they have reduced the prices for parking in Scotland at some PFI hospitals. Paul Martin's private members bill on parking in NHS sites will cost the NHS a million a year but there is to be transitional relief.
  14. Ahh marvelous, the local government has spent too much time pissing money up against the wall and now they have to cut back on their stupidity they are targetting motorists again for a nice influx of cash to waste. If a company has their own private car park for it's employees how can the council demand money from them when the vehicles are not even on a public road.
  15. You can also bet your bottom Dollar that all the Council Employees will be expected to pay yet the greedy self-serving Councillors will vote in a way of either being exempt (on council duty?) or will just be able to claim it back in expenses.

    I see Oxford as interested, which by my experience, if you can find somehwere in the City Centre to Park regularly then £250 is a bargain.

    PS. The John Radcliffe Hosptial in Oxford charges £64 a year for staff parking. Bonus!!