will you go on the streets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pol76, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. So if the Forces got the call to assist the cops who would follow the orders to give a group of the public who have lost homes,jobs and pentions to a crap goverment and an unelected leader a good a good hiding

    Could you bring yourself to assault a legal public demonstration because it is causing embarrassement to mr brown and chums

    All the best
    be safe
  2. Are they hairy unwashed student types?? If so....yes.
  3. This is the NAAFI so don't expect a mature answer from me at 2320 on a Friday.

    Since most of those rioting would be uneducated, unemployed young chavs looking for any excuse to kick off then why the fcuk not lay into them? But if they got the upper hand I'd just switch sides, I am now a fat civvy afterall.
  4. Would chavs be killed in a no questions asked stylee?
  5. Erm...................................YES :twisted:
  6. You've just earmarked 90% of the British Army and that it is going to get kicked in by the other educated 10% of the Army. I know which side I'd be on. I love smashing fcuk out off large corporation windows and I'm educated :p
  7. Would the Government of the day risk a repeat of Peterloo?


    I await the reading of the Riot Act with interest!

  8. 1 = Does this include the RAF
    2 = Police follow ordrs...hmmmm interesting thesis
    3 = Well firstly, there would have to be a equality and diversity steering group established first followed by warnings to the local Immans of future police intentions and operations and who would be carrying this out and when. (All other minority groups would have a sub-committe from the Department of Social Security and Benefits)
    4 = Sorry, according to New Labour economic policies this a healthy economy and we are the best placed in europe to ride it out
    5 = Not having an election does not mean he was not elected by popular choice
    6 = Not by myself as the laws of probability and chance say I would definitely lose.

    pol76 = Sue your education authority immediately for your poor England :D

    PS Just back from night fishing and there was nothing....bah..bored :(
  9. So i take it that you do not belive your own goverment would turn the lads on the public then how naive you are the police have already said they cannot cope with mass disorder so were does Mr Brown get the xtra staff from to keep the streets clear of the unwashed

    Just look at the news alternative sites your MOMS,DADS,BROTHERS,SISTERS and MATES have all had enough and might just feel like taking to the streets. Even your seniors will have doubts and the young Rupert will be sweating

    These are real folks not just your swampy type students

    He was elected by his party not the people of this once great nation
  10. Litotes cheers for the info on Peterloo

    All the best
  11. Hey, whats wrong with us Light Blue wearing adonis's? We can handle ourselves in large scale street fights, honest guv.

    TBH I'd rather have a crab covering my back than a matloe :wink:
  12. Who said anything about the RAF getting in the mix. I was thinking along the lines of you guys sorting the Accommodation and catering facilities out. :D

    Who could demonstrate after tea and tiffin at the Ritz :D
  13. I'm sorry, i missed the introduction. What paper do you work for??
  14. No one will ever be asked to "assault" a legal demonstration. A legal demonstration does not involve any form of violence, therefore there is no need to "assault" anyone.
    "Assault" is an unlawful act.
    If Martial law was installed, no part of that involves "giving the public a good hiding". It involves keeping order.

    If people were smashing the fuck out of properties and people "to demonstrate" then yes, I'd give them a bloody good restraining.
    I'm sick of rent-a-mobs.

    You're a rent-a-mob member aren't you? In which case, you deserve the Police kicking that is surely coming your way one of these days. As I say, demonstrations should not involve violence or damage. If you are setting fire to a branch of HMV and looting the contents, then yes, I'd kick fuck out of you.

    It's got nothing to do with who's in Government or whether I agree with them.

    All the best, stay safe. :wink:
  15. No i'm not with the press or the swanpy brigade i just want to know and make the lad's aware of what could come in the future

    You are all getting fucked over on a regular basis and doing the work of a dirty handed goverment

    you are and i was once the pride of the country now i am free to think look at the bigger picture

    in the mob if you have free thought you are just weird or not conforming to type

    please think about what you are doing or will be asked to do in the future and is it good for the man on the street

    live free be safe but think all the time