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Will you blokes have a word to your women for fuck's sake?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. It's a well known fact that the Welsh do sheep.
    Not so well known is the Oz preference for 'roos.

    The dirty, dirty antipodean pervert.
  2. Does he rescue ponies? The Snail will be on him like a tramp on chips!
  3. Can't buy kanga chunks here anymore for love or money, my dog is quite miffed!
  4. Pm your address and I'll send Fido a care package.
  5. Kiwis like fucking sheep too. Roos are too hard to catch. Wombats are easier rape targets.

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  6. I wish my lass would fuck off with some gay, antipodean, marsupual shagger who's ancestors were probably tranported for unnatural acts with a catholic priest.

    I'd even help her pack!
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  7. Save the fucking roos my arse. We used to shoot a couple of hundred a night.
  8. many country dwellers in australia get to handraise the odd joey ,it is the way of life, the market for all forms of products for hand raising all types of aussie marsupial young, is is an exact and very lucrative business cornered by 2 companies Wombaroo and Divectalac, mostpeople have been scared out of volontary wildlife care because of the high costs of the food bottles and special teats, the costs of handraising 5 joeys of different ages canrun to 200$australian a month, quite expensive for a pensioner,which many carers are.The tragedy of all this is after 18 months care you start preparing them for freedom, at 21 months they either end up as roadkill or dogfood, over a million roos are shot in queensland everyyear, dont know how many are shot in the other states!
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  9. He looks like Noel edmunds.

    I stayed in some Eco huts in Tasmania and the gay owners rescued roo's and also encourage all wildlife into theirs and other huts.

    Well it back fired royally come sundown, 20 possums and roo's Trying to get in for your food, couldn't open the door to get to the car as they would attack you, took a nasty bite from a possum forcing me to punt the fucker off the balcony.

    I complained to them and the council that they were unfit to be animal rescue. I hope they were banned and many a sick possum was exterminated.
  10. First possum off the balcony?
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  11. Chris 'Brolga' Barnes, eh? Has nobody mentioned the brolga's habitual homosexuality? They're well known for only turning straight in order to breed if the conditions allow it (which isn't often) The rest of the time they're gayer than Liberace's wardrobe index.

    I fear Chris isn't being entirely honest with us.
  12. There must be a self help group of 'roo rapists nearby. The Yellow Pages* are your friend.

    * No nasty cookies when you let your fingers do the walking.