Will you be attending your next C1 Drill Night?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Simple Q, really.
  2. Yes I will, I need to sign in for the last 5 days I did and also get on jpa as it was down this weekend.

    Does it bother me driving 120 miles round trip for nothing ?

    Only a bit but its worth it to see my muckers.
  3. No cos I dont have a drill night, I have however been turning up at my parent units drill night for years on and off unpaid, not even C1, thats C2 ?
  4. yes, and i hope most of mine will. the priority for the next two will be matts catch up so we don't have to rely on a single bde concentration, after that lots of fun stuff until jan, then we'll rejigger if nec.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    'Hope' or 'expect'?
  6. There's been some debate in my unit as to what training we can still do in the TAC, so I should hopefully still get to play with some vehicles. Already qualified for bounty so that's not an issue for me, thankfully - won't have to turn up to pointless nights to mong around purely to sign for the C1.

    However, as long as there's training being run, I'll be there, paid or not.
  7. I will and, based on the straw poll conducted last Wednesday, so will the majority of the regular attenders.

    How long they will continue to do so on the other hand only time can tell.
  8. Yeah, we're having a briefing about the practicalities of the cuts.

    As far as i'm aware tonight is C1... but nothings been said about what happens afterwards, it'll be interesting to see if this holds for the following weeks. I don't mind giving up a little of my time for free (2 hours one evening) but thats where it stops. If travel isn't paid then i'm off until April - as fuel isn't free.

    There is only one exception to that - Rememberance Sunday. We all have a debt to the fallen, and i'll be there on Sunday. But when it comes to Tuesday evenings i'm not about to generate a fuel debt because MoD can't balence a budget.
  9. We have just been informed that drill nights have changed again from C1 to C2. Didnt mind the thought of doing drill nights as C1 with my travel paid but now i am going to be out of pocket being C2.

    Are they expecting me to give lessons to recruits who are being paid whilst i am not even being paid travel. Theres seems to be something wrong with that scenerio!! Maybe the MOD should ask the regs to come and do this training, they are paid 24/7, arent they?
  10. hope is all we have left, we hope that people will turn in but expect some will start getting other employment.

    we hope that things will go back to normal next year but expect no guarantees from the CoC and even if they do, we don't trust them anymore.
  11. I only work 10min away from my TAC.
    However it takes me 1.5 – 2 hrs on public transport to get home (tube, train, taxie).

    Transport costs add up (I'm now C2) and after a long shite day in the office my spare time is valuable. So no I won’t be coming in for free unless I view the training as critical.

    I’ll be in for Remembrance Sunday but that’s it until the next FY.
  12. I'll be going, but mostly to see what happens next, and to see everyone. I can't imagine keeping up my old routine of attending every tuesday without fail.
  13. All drill nights cancelled in my case, not even C1 or C2.
  14. For C1 yes, occasionally. C2 no chance, thats stretching my goodwill too far.
  15. Yes i'll be there.
    To see the lads and also carry on whatever training is available.

    I don't want to get out of the habit of going on a tuesday.