Will whiplash affect my chances of gaining a commision?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Black_knight, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Someone drove into the back of my car the other day giving me the usual sore back and neck that result from such an incident. It will probably put me out of training for a few weeks and be a general annoyance but as I'm pretty fit I will bounce back from it quite quickly. If I was to claim for whiplash through the drivers insurance would this have a negative affect on my chances at AOSB?
  2. And there was me thinking this thread was about Miss Whiplash! :D
  3. This has got to be a wind up! Are you really serious?
  4. Are you whiplashed? If so, claim; the army will find out anyway. If not, stop defrauding this other bloke; as an officer you should be a paragon of virtue for your men to follow (and a much better handler of strong drink; vomiting on the floor isn't seemly for a leader of men ;) )
  5. Were you able to spell commission before the accident? If so, don't forget to claim for reduced future employment prospects.
  6. Yes if you have connections with formula 1 racing and nazi's