Will u get more respct 4 bein big?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SteveyG, May 19, 2007.

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  1. im joinin up soon n want 2 no if I will get more respect cos off me size. I am a bodybuilder an am 16 stone an at 5'11". I will prob b bigger dan all da corporals dat r teachin us.

    also is it da biggest guy in da section who gets 2 use da GPMG?
  2. oh i am chimpys m8 btw
  3. sweet weeping Jesus

    Your best bet is to be honest and direct

    and say to the Cpl's

    look dont be afraid, all is ok

    I wont hurt you guys
  4. Anyway, size doesn't matter (so I keep being told!)
  5. (bite mode ON)

    English is clearly not your first language!

    Size means f*ck all!

    your avatar reveals SO much.

    Chimpy is becoming a Troll.

    (bite mode OFF)

  6. Course you will Fcuk Wit

    Respect is earned not given,
    Proper written English is a start.
    Tell them your chimpys mate, they will be impressed.
    If yourIQ is as bad as your spelling they might let you use a broom.
  7. Size IS everything - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :D
  8. I bet u wudnt say dat 2 me face. cowards!
  9. i would, i have a far more useful skill than "being big"....the ability to run like a fucker when i need to ^^
  10. if any corporals or officers give me any mouth when im in trainin ill smack em 1. chimpy nos how hard i am an i dnt take ne sh*t
  11. Bet if we used words with more than one syllable, you wouldn't understand what we were saying anyway!
  12. :roll: This thread is a........

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  13. I take it you're Chimpy looking for bites
  14. Hey Chimpy, does he do any tricks?
  15. I would, pm me your name and address.