Will this taint my chances?

I'm looking to join the army in a couple of years after I finish travelling.

Basically one of my uncles was in the Royal Anglians during the 80's/early 90's. He lost his rag with another squaddie one day and stabbed him in the leg (as you do). He got let off but naturally it hindered any chance of further promotion so he quit. I'm pretty keen on joining the Royal Anglians. Is it best I just don't mention his name at an interview? Or is it really not a problem?


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Gooner1988 said:
Nice one. May as well lock or delete this thread then.
Noooo! It has, by Law, to be left open for several days for numpties to crayon over. Your question has been answered extremely well, leave this thread to the kids to play with for a while :)
hairyhandbag said:
CQMS said:
Forget it, it's completely irrelevant.
Unless of course he is the son of the stabbed and the son of the stabber has recently joined.......
They'll have to finnish the fight off then in a death match, I favour the Flash Gordon turn table in the sky thingy!

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