Will this stop my application?

Hi. Last year I went to the GP for something which I will not go into detail about. My doctor had asked me whether I had been suicidal in the past and as I was uneducated, I said I had been when in fact I had been curious about what death would be like, and never made any attempts or plans. I thought that any thought about death no matter the context was a suicidal thought when clearly it is not and I was dumb to think that because now, that is on my medical records.
I have never been diagnosed with anything however. No mental health conditions and I have never been on medication for any mental health condition.
If when the army sees my medical record and sees that I made a comment about being suicidal will this prevent me from joining, even though I was just a stupid child? Or will they understand if I explain everything...
Tell them everything. If it comes up, explain the context. They will appreciate the honesty. Go for it!
Yeah. Cos it ain't like the army have ever rejected anyone for having a skin complaint when they were a child is it?
OP, I fear that you are wasting your time.

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