Will this start a trend?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. From today's Salisbury Journal:


    A drunken gunner who was banned from going to Iraq after assaulting two soldiers in Salisbury has avoided being sent to jail.

    Instead, L** B**** was ordered to perform 210 hours of community service as part of a community sentence for 12 months.
    He was also ordered not to be drunk in a public place - and ordered to pay compensation to both soldiers.

    Mr Richard William, defending, told south-east Wiltshire magistrates: "He had had far too much to drink."

    Mr Williams added: "Afterwards, he was told he would not now be able to go out on operations in Iraq."

    B**** ( 18 ) of the 19th Regiment of the Royal Artillery at Larkhill, admitted assaulting M****** G********, causing him actual bodily harm and common assault against J**** D*****.

    He was ordered to pay £250 to Mr G and £100 to Mr D, and to pay £43 costs.

    ...And the message this sends out? - Bop your mate on the hooter after a few ales, cough up £393 and avoid spending Christmas in Mesopotamia! Sweet as a nut.
  2. Why didn't the monkies deal with it ?
  3. Too busy stitching up highly decorated senior officers......
  4. And a CO who hasn't got the balls to keep it in house!!
  5. Or maybe as has been done before he will now be discharged as his community service and his failure to be able to deploy will probably have failed the Service Test. A good example of what could happen if we lose the Military Criminal Justioce System.
  6. I think you will find there is much much more to this story fellas!
  7. do tell

  8. well thats ok then if he had been sober he would have probebly got 10 years