Will this really make no1 for the Royal Wedding?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fingers_1661, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Hilarious song & video from Kunt & the gang


    Not for the easily offended:)
  2. I've seen his act with him and "Little Kunt", deffinately not a family show for the kids!

    Good for a rip roaring laugh with a couple of pints...
  3. That's a very refreshing funny video after all that pro-royal wedding propaganda on TV news. Thanks for posting.

    Here is the link direct to the video on YouTube
    YouTube - Kunt and the Gang - Fucksticks (Royal Wedding Souvenir Version)

    T-shirt anyone?


    And here is my take on the royal wedding.

    This royal wedding will be far more "unpatriotic" than "patriotic". Royalty does the people and nations of this land a disservice.

    It is harming us to insist on kingdom and monarchy rather than republics and elected presidents.

    We have no president and no republican democratic constitutional freedoms. Magna Carta is of less use than toilet paper. The UK is a royalist, fascist police state wherein we have all the rights of lumps of meat.

    Waving a union flag at the royal wedding, even though that is the British flag, does not make the United Kingdom, the monarchy, the royal wedding truly "British".

    The UK, the monarchy, the royal wedding is anti-British, anti-English, anti-Scottish, anti-Welsh, anti-Irish.

    The kingdom is the true enemy of the people. The UK is not "our" country. It is their imposed version of our country.

    The people are brainwashed by events such as this royal wedding to believe that kingdom and monarchy is our country. It is not. It is a lie. You are being brainwashed.

    When we are told over and over again that "the United Kingdom" is the name of our country, I say "NO!" - that's not my country. As a BBC license-fee-payer I object to this pro-royal propaganda 24/7.

    I am Scottish and British, not UK-ish.

    The UK state insists that we must be subjects of the crown, of the monarchy. The propaganda surrounding this royal wedding and similar appearances of the royals on TV is to brainwash us all to accept kingdom and monarchy.

    I say bomb the royal wedding.

    We must ask our military to stop enslaving us to this kingdom and take up arms in a fight for freedom for the people and the nations but against the UK. The military should start with arresting, exiling or assassinating the royals, preferably sooner than later.
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  4. What a fruit loop you are!

    In a tolerant spirit, and against your drivel:

    President Thatcher
    President Blair
    President Brown
    President Kinnock

    and of course:

    President George W Bush
    President Barak Obama.

    The case for a constitutional monarchy rests.
  5. Peter, the song fucksticks, is it about you? (I haven't listened myself, YouTube is shite in Afghanistan.)

    But I did get a phonecall from your village, apparently they are missing their idiot and would like you to go back.

    Now how's about this Scottish Standard bearer malarkey:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Bearer of the National Flag of Scotland is one of the Great Officers in the Royal Household of Scotland.

    By charter of novodamus of 1676, later ratified by the Parliament of Scotland,[1] Charles II granted Charles Maitland "the office of bearing our insignia within our said realm of Scotland". Maitland's descendant, James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale, matriculated arms in the character of Hereditary Standard Bearer of Scotland. In 1952 the Lord Lyon decided that the Earl of Lauderdale's right was to bear the saltire, whereas the Earl of Dundee as Bearer of the Royal Banner bears the Royal Standard of the Lion Rampant.

    Unless you are the Earl of Dundee, (which I greatly doubt) you are also a fraud as well as an unmitigated twat.

    Is it lonely on your website? I do wonder why you keep coming on here and spouting your usual predictable anti-monarchy drivel.

    Fuck off and please die of a bleeding arse or something else suitably painful.
  6. Krazy Ivan

    Thats interesting! Hence, Sir Walter Scott
    "To the Lords of Convention 'twas Claver'se who spoke.
    "Ere the King's crown shall fall there are crowns to be broke;
    So let each Cavalier who loves honour and me,
    Come follow the bonnet of Bonny Dundee."

    You learn something new every day and have always been interested in Jacobite history and poetry.

    PS Peter I have told you before to call the Samaritans when you can't sleep or have you called em so many times that they have gone ex directory?

  7. Not another Jock with a chip on his shoulder ffs, listen you downs syndrown indred cunt, you're more than welcome to your shithole of a country once we've taken all the oil, I'm up here at the moment past the Shetlands having to put up with three weeks of whining Jocks for who nothing is ever good enough, the weather, the food, thier cabins, life offshore in general if whining was a an Olympic sport youse lot would be bringing in the gold medals mate.

    By the way if thats you pictured in your avatar you look bent as fuck mate and mildly retarded as well.
  8. fuck off peter you boring cunt. If you hate the monarchy that much fuck off somewhere else. i know alot of people in this country are anti-royalists but i doubt theres many of them that are as deranged as youseem to be, you utter fuck-wit. i hope you get raped by an aids infested guarsman
  9. Are you making 'threats to kill' oh dear better inform plod.
  10. Fuck me, he's back!
    I think you're about as welcome as a cot death at a christening here Peter.
    Do yourself (and everyone else) a favour, and report back to your padded en-suite in Carstairs.

    And as it's the Naafi, go and take your face for a shit, you dribbling fucking spingaloid cunt, and don't forget to wipe your chin on the way out...
  11. I presume the problem with internet in Afghanistan is a slow internet connection.

    In which case, this low-resolution version of the video should be easier to watch on a slow connection, although obviously the quality is lower.

    I am A bearer of the Lion Rampant flag when I carry it, as are thousands of Scots who have a lion rampant flag you can buy in most Scottish towns or cities.

    I am THE author of the Scottish National Standard Bearer website.

    I explain the republican claim to the Lion Rampant

  12. None of them wanted to be president. They never campaigned for a republic, they don't support republican principles, they don't have any idea why you need a president, they never advocated war against the kingdom when it denies constitutional democratic rights of the citizen, they never called for war against the windsor royals for the way their kingdom enslaved citizens etc.

    So all were completely incompetent to be president of a republic and any good republican constitution would demand high standards and bar such incompetents and hopefully republicans defending the constitution would ensure those fools were not allowed to stand for election or if they sneaked through the system and managed to get elected would impeach and remove them from office for violating the constitution.

    The same would go for any of the royalist celebrities people talk about as possible presidents. All should be barred from presidential office.

    I do have concerns that the US constitution is very loose and allows too low a standard of president to be elected.

    I think Condoleezza Rice is one of the few people in the republican party who was very well qualified to be a really good president.

    We Britons must respect American republicans and their decisions about who is up to being their president.

    At the moment, we Britons can hardly point to Queen Elizabeth and say "See America - that there Elizabeth is the quality of head of state you should be insisting upon in your constitution".
  13. fuck off ya freak !
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  14. Peter you really are fine specimen of a good waste of spunk... We live in a democratic nation that combines 4 countries. I'd have a fair guess that the majority of those citizens within the United Kingdom are in favour of the present set-up and against twats like yourself.


    Oh PS. I believe the military swear an oath to Her Majesty, I doubt their going to jump behind your crusade to wipe out the Royal Family. Oliver Cromwell you are not. Wanker you are.
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  15. First, let me save everyone the trouble of clicking on your links by telling them all that it's all boring nonsense. Secondly, may I say that the pic in your sig. block makes you look like a complete wanker. Oh, and thirdly, I don't see what any of your drivel has to do with the original topic of the thread.

    Oh, fourthly... can you get me some Irn Bru in glass bottles? You can't get it on this side of the border any more. Cheers
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