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Will this BLM shit never end.....


I thought Muti is Shona for medicine?

The etymology may be medicine related, but human body parts used in muti rituals is stretching that definition somewhat.


Anyway, lots of comments about statues coming's one about a most worthwhile statue being erected....

Just been talking about that on another thread and also the idiot clowns trying to organise an 'egg the Maggy statue'
Are they ****! A minimum of a tenth of the laws of the land are updated or replaced every year.
The basis of those updated or replaced laws will probably go back a long long time, but I would suggest that the very heart of them would probably trace back to the days of the Greeks and the Romans. Yes they didn't have cyber crime or waste water contamination laws, but the basis of the "crimes against the man" laws haven't really changed.


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Juju is West Africa, Muti is South Africa
I only ever went to West Africa.

Either way he's going to be sh1tting lizards and watching out for hippos.


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It was on another thread, but one of the supermarkets analysed food consumption and concluded that the UK population was 77 million (at a time when the offical figure was 62 million).

And that was in 2007. God knows what it is now.
That can't accurate at all because the big fat munters will take double or triple ration, just take a look into their trolleys. Often a platoon's ration is in there!
Not forgetting the plethora of illegal residences in some/many of our "vibrantly enriched" towns
Slough spy plane detects 6,000 illegal 'beds in sheds' with thermal imaging | Daily Mail Online
snip "A spy plane equipped with a thermal imaging camera has found that more than 6,000 outbuildings in one town could be 'beds in sheds' converted by rogue landlords.
Slough Borough Council is the first local authority in the country to pay for the specially-adapted aircraft to fly over streets picking up heat from sheds and garages."

And this is in just one town!!
Yes, lets call a 'shovel' rogue landlords
So do I understand from you that it's ok to treat a minority (/any minority) like sh*t? Times have moved on since WW2. Whether you like it or not, we are where we are, the genie is out of the bottle etc, etc. What I find amusing is your desperation to justify your exasperation.
Yes mate let's leave the dog shit on the floor.
You keep taking the knee.
I'll fade into irrelevance while shouting at the telly.
This boil will be lanced, not in my life time and probably not with the outcome I and many others desire.
But rant we will in our semi free semi private eco chamber.
So chimp I consciously and unconsciously judge you a skid mark on humanitys underpants.
Drop dead.
Apart from that I appreciate your point of view is different from mine.
The etymology may be medicine related, but human body parts used in muti rituals is stretching that definition somewhat.
Like 'dawa'; (East African) it can mean anything that has an unseen effect on the body. Penicillin = dawa safi kabisa!

(If all those twats on other parts of this site can scrawl cyrillic and morse over the page, I can do a bit of Kiswahili.)
My bold indeed, despite the fact she had learnt some herbal medicine in Jamaica and treated some illnesses there, she never had OR worked at a hospital in the Crimea. from wiki
"Mary Seacole's application to join Florence Nightingale's team was rejected. Mary, who had become a successful business woman in Jamaica, decided to travel to the Crimea at her own expense. She visited Florence Nightingale at her hospital at Scutari. Unwilling to accept defeat, Mary started up a business called the British Hotel but others referred to as “Mrs Seacole’s hut” a few miles from the battlefront. Here she sold food and drink to the British officers and a canteen for the soldiers."

Basically an early type of NAAFI !

How many other such undertakings were there? Does anyone know?

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