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Will this BLM shit never end.....

Very interesting statement by Kemi Badenoch, the Equalities minister:
Schools that teach children that white privilege is an uncontested fact are in breach of the law, the women and equalities minister has warned.
Speaking in the Commons debate on Black History Month, Kemi Badenoch said that teaching pupils about 'white privilege and their inherited racial guilt' would see a 'dangerous trend in race relations'.
The Conservative MP warned that teaching partisan political views, such as defunding the police, without offering a balanced treatment of opposing opinions, would also be illegal.

During the Commons debate, the Tory MP called out 'the teaching of contested political ideas as if they are accepted facts' and 'an ideology that sees my blackness as victimhood and their whiteness as oppression'.
She also rebutted claims that the curriculum needed decolonising and argued that 'making race the defining principle of what is studied is not just misguided but actively opposed to the fundamental purpose of education'.
She told MPs: 'Our curriculum does not need decolonising for the simple reason that it is not colonised.

Perhaps they didn't know what they were kneeling for?


Mate, I work near Oxford and our company uses lots of Students and post-grads out of Uni term-time, and a large chunk have higher qualifications than most of the senior management.

We have Pickers & Packers doing an Msc in one 'ology or another
I do hope that your company doesn't have anything to do with cotton.
Funny how this interesting news wasn't splashed all over the Beeb front pages...

But wait!

Here it is - stuffed away in Arts & Entertainment:

So how come all that #BLM nonsense isn't in here as well?

Maybe tearing down and defacing historic monuments and statues could be classed as having the same entertainment value as a good old knees-up down the pub?

Or people of colour rioting and fighting with the Police should be classed as a new, vibrant and exciting Interpretive Dance style?
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You'd be surprised what their teachers tell them. A mate's lad's class was told that if their parents voted Tory in the GE it meant that they hated their children. The lad was eight at the time.
It’s amazing how many people have that mate...
TBF, I don't think many kids tend to tune into the 10 o'clock news. Their simple minded (invariably communist) teachers do however.
I think they watch the adverts though... These communists - are they the ones with leather elbow patches puffing on their pipes in the staff room? Or are they the Marxists?
I am sure the killing of 20 CIVPOP in Nigeria will refocus the attention of BLM from all those recent killings in the UK, the tragic death of a career criminal in the USA.

Standby for protests outside the Nigerian Embassy Parliament Square as soon as it stops raining.

ETA - A new thread was started on the above but I will leave this here anyhow.
The usual suspects have already been out slandering her - there was a very good comment on Priyamvada Gopal's twitter, I paraphrase - 'if you hate white people so much, why do you live where there are so many - there's more non-white majority countries in the world, it's not difficult'.
My paraphrase was abysmal - I found the actual quote - "Always curious why these folks choose to live and work in the whitest towns in the whitest countries. The vast majority of the planet is non white. We’re pretty easy to avoid, really."