Will this be ok do you think?

Hello, lads and laddesses, now then . . . I am not going to steam straight in here and become the biggest Spammer since Eric Idle, I am going to ask nicely. Is it allowed for an author and self-publisher to post blurbs and links to their books here? If it isn't, then no problem, but if it is, then it will be just 1 post with several links in it, that way I wouldn't hog the whole page. Cheers, Josh.
I seem to remember that there was someone in a similar situation a while back. It turned out that there was some site bylaw whereby photos of naked female acquaintancies would be submitted in exchange for the consideration of your spam. There was a sub-clause denoting a rising scale by which lewdness/ depravity would be increased per 1000 words (total, not per post).
I shall take that as a yes, then! As for reciprocation, Hugh Hefner is an old pal of mine, just call in at the mansion, say Josh sent you.

Ok, well, semi-serious at least. If there's truly any objections to this then do let me know. You can couch it in typical service inanity if you like, but I will know and will take the hint and will zap the post. But assuming I am ok thus far. . . (a pretentious ellipse, it could be to indicate more, or it could be that I just like doing ellipses, you can decide. . .)

All on Kindle - none as yet available in the epub format - unfortunately, but they will be soon.

Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon. My magic and fantasy tale - full length novel. North Merseysiders will like this, I'm sure.


The Old Man's Trousers. A light-hearted sci-fi novella. A pair of irradiated red-striped army trousers run amok around rural Wiltshire.


The Happy Harold Stories. If you liked Just William, you'll like this. More for kids I know, but, we're all kids at heart, or should be. . . (there he goes again. . .)


The Marble. A little like an inanimate version of Black Beauty; a marble, after a shocking mis-hit in the daily street game, plops down a grid and is soon hitching a ride on a piece of driftwood and commences a world-wide adventure of its own. Again - more for kids, so perhaps will appeal to all your young'uns on the quarters with Kindles. Apparently, kids with Kindles is a big discussion point on many forums. There's just as many vehemently for the idea as agin.


Ghosting in on the Blind Side. Novella. For footy and espionage story fans. The tale is set in 1913. Pre-war tension grips the country. While thirty-nine year old Eric Ramsbottom prepares to run out one last time for Nelson Corinthians, a good solid, mid-table type first division team, events in London are soon to impact on the tiny mill town of Nelson, and on Eric Ramsbottom in particular.


Words. A collection of poems, song lyrics, muses on life and the odd joke. This is a collaboration between me and my daughter.


Her Benny. Not for the cynical this, as it a strongly Christian flavoured tale from 1890. It is an ebook facsimile of the lesser known illustrated edition, written by the Reverend Silas K Hocking. It is interesting to note, two things actually - the good reverend was the first author to sell a million plus books in a writers' lifetime. The first person to achieve this with ebooks in modern times - one Amanda Hocking. Each time I think of that, I just cannot believe such a coincidence; if the name had been Smith, or Jones or whatever, (not whatever, that's not a name, just a word), but Hocking? Incredible.


The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Yes, this is the famous poem by Browning, but it's worth is not in the words, but the illustrations. This is an ebook facsimile of the 1890 illustrated Smith & Elder edition, illustrated by the Payne brothers, all done under special license from the book's usual publishers at the time - Warne & co. Of all the images, there are half a dozen or so which are so brilliant, many people have been mesmerised when they first see them. Not all of the illustrations are up to that though, some are just plain, as they were meant to be originally, others have faded due to the lapse of time and not even expensive digital equipment could bring them back, but the good ones that have survived are superb.


If any of you do take the plunge, I hope you enjoy the read, and I am happy to receive any feedback (feedback, not feedbag! I may be a struggling writer, but I am not exactly starving.)


John Haines (aka Josh Rogan)

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