will they still let me in with undiagnosed abdo pain

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Basically for nearly 1 1/2 years they've been umming and ahhing over the possibitlity I have crohns but my symptoms dont completely fit it so basically they dont know whats wrong with me. Will they let me in with a history of undiagnosed abdominal pain even if the docs cant label it?
As my learned colleagues stated above in reply to your question, No.

Put your focus on getting the diagnosis and receiving the necessary treatment.

Any abdo issue that resembles Crohns enough for the medics to not be able to offer a differential diagnosis needs resolution, you hopefully have a long life ahead of you, unresolved crohn type symptoms are not going to make that life a comfortable one.
I've also got undiagnosed abdo pain.

When/if I ever get it diagnosed I'll let you know. It's why I am up at 0417hrs when my shift starts at 0700.
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