Will they send the Army in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Greedy barstewards, they haven't learnt a thing have they. Wonkers :evil:
  2. Only if they give me the keys to the vault.
  3. What the empty vault the government had to restock for them ?
  4. ARRSErs couldn't do a worse job than the bankers.
  5. This has to be a joke............ If you don't let us continue to completely fuck things up and line our own pockets we will walk out.........

    OK this needs some very serious thought :x
  6. They should form a trade union. One out, all out.
  7. Let the whole Board of Directors resign.......what greedy bastards. They say they need to pay obscene bonuses to keep "the quality" : let them all resign and see if they can so easily transfer over to Barclays, etc. What makes them think that Barclays, etc won't now start to demand even greater profits by their current bankers for their bonuses. With a shrinking banking market there are not enough jobs for all these "irreplaceable" tossers.

    How could we (the Army) do any worse than achieve the utter failure and bankrupcy that Sir Fred Goodwin achieved ? I'll have a go, it can't be any more dangerous than what we went through in the stinking drainage ditches and canals of the Helmand river valley. Put me as No 1 volunteer for the "let's design a campaign plan to shaft the other banks and replace the current system with a more sustainable and human process".

    Blimey..............end of message.
  8. Bagsy the petty cash tin!
  9. RBS don't do petty cash apparently....only mega-bucks: otherwise they can't attract the right quality of person to work there.
  10. Let them go, and ask President Sarkozhy to appoint their replacements. That should freshen the system up somewhat.
  11. So. A good example of the breakdown of corporate governance.

    The combined code / COSO / Sox / Turnbull etc. was all set up to remind directors that they are running the company on behalf of the shareholders, not the other way round. If the shareholder (in this case the government) and the directors can't agree, then the directors move on or cave in. Any other course of action increases agency costs of having directors in the first place.

    So, fcuk them and let them walk.
  12. I was rather hoping it would be a shipping container full of the folding stuff.
  13. Got it............thicky old me.....split it 50/50 and meet up in Barbados?
  14. Sorry,I'm going to invest it in a gold mine in Surbiton.A friend from Nigeria has tipped me the wink.He says it is top secret and I shouldn't tell anyone,but you and I are such good friend's now,how could I resist.He also believes in Jesus and wants me for his bestest friend,so that all sounds ok to me.