Will they let me in with my back?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 1140_Sqn, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Evening chaps,

    I am hoping to join as an Infantry Officer over the next year or so. However, I have a very (I mean very) slight case of Scheuermann's disease, this is where my upper back has a very (very) small curve.

    I receive regular osteopathic treatment, and over the last two months, my back has gotten visibly better.

    It doesn’t stop me from doing anything, I am (at the moment) 17, 6ft 3 and weigh 185lbs. I play rugby and do regular physical training. Over the weekend I did a 60km march with around 45lbs of kit on my back.

    With the condition, getting better and it not affecting me in anyway (apart from the slight curve in my back) will the army still not accept me?

    Now, I need proper replies, as I have wanted to join the Army from the age of 4! There is nothing else I want to do.

    Many thanks,

  2. You haven't got to convince us mate. Everything gets taken into account by your GP and the doctor at selection. You won't get any reassurances here because we ain't doctors but if it's as minor as you say then it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. dont tell them u have it , unless they ask of course?
  4. Worst advice you could give. You have to tell them everything there's no point bullsh*tting your way through and having them find it on your records later on and get kicked out the army for it
  5. I too have the same problem, got picked up by my doctor a few years ago. Cant see it being a problem, i passed selection last year without too many problems with the medical.
  6. I had Scheuermann's disease before entering the army and i still have it now. They sent me for the relavant checks after selection then i was on my way. Dont worry mate.

    If you need need to know anything at all just throw me a pm i'll be glad to help.
  7. T'general rule is if it doesn't cause you any major problems, and your body is fully functioning with no high risk of problems in the future you should be fine, as has been said laying out your symptoms is just a way of convincing yourself you'll be fine, sometimes doctors won't completely take on board what you're saying and just look at the hardened facts with a strict professionalism. You'll probably know if you have a problem that will stop you getting in, put it that way.
  8. Massive & Chap in the Black, thank you so much for that! That is awesome, I was getting worried about it, I know it doesnt affect me in anyway, but I thought that the fact that I have something wrong will be a straight forward bar from the Army.

    Again, thanks a bunch lads,

  9. Good luck mate, hope it doesn't stop you from getting in. I think were all with you when you don't want anything stopping you from what you really want.
  10. well i havent got that disease but i do have a hunch haha. i tend to hunch when im sitting down and standing up,although the latter has improved because whenever i realise im doing it i straighten up. i told my gp and he said its because im tall and skinny and didnt say anything else. do any of u think this could affect my entry?
  11. people dont go to see the doc just because of pain, but out of curiosity too as most people know. so because you werent complaining bout pains or the like im guessing, no doctor myself, that you should be ok. were all weird and wonderful humans so a slight hunch as you are telling yourself in your head aint gonna be a problem! in the medical its not important you sit up 100% straight with hands on your knees, theres certain tests to check your movement and joints anyway and a spinal feel if i recall correctly.
  12. You'll be fine aslong you get Esmerelda as a nurse at selection
  13. cheers for that proper_job.
    animal_mother, whitty as ever :p
  14. I remember having to go for a medical for a fcuked arseole. It was orrible! My entire ringpiece had turned itself inside out after I had lived in a tank for 2 weeks on compo and fcukall else! I was sent to a military hospital near Swindon I think, where they specialised in arseoles and the like. It was amazing! First they sowed up my wrecked ring and drilled satalite arseoles to take over. After about 4 months of shitting like a mincer machine, they removed the satalite arseoles and opened up my old one. Hey Presto! The ol ringpiece was as good as new. Absolutely amazing! Of course it's got nothing what so ever to do with a hunch or Schuermans, but feckin ell guys. Just don't give up OK. There's an army of medical wonders on duty out there! Keep the faith OK! :wink:
    My Mum always said I was different than the rest!! :twisted:
  15. Is THAT why you were there? ;)