Will these cap-badges change?

Afternoon all, just a quick point. Just recently saw a very old RMP cap badge with the GR (George Rex) emblem in the center with laurels surrounding. My question, will the Royal Engineers and Royal Military Police cap-badges which currently display the E II R (Elizabeth Regina) emblem change once the old dear cops it/stands down?, as I believe that Charles is going to take George as his Royal Title/name. Any takers??

Cheers Easy!
The crown will change to reflect that worn by the new soveriegn at the coronation. There is no such thing as 'kings' or 'queens' crown, just which one they decided to wear. EIIR chose her one because it was one of the smallest and lightest in the collection.
Not really interested in what old Charlie boy calls himself just wondered for example will the Royal Engineers cap-badge change from its current EIIR emblem? Same for RMP, will they have something different in the center of the surmounted laurels??
Yes, they take the "new" royal cypher on - otherwise, thew regent would be carrying the old regents cypher which is a royal no no, you wouldn't, after all, swear an oath on lizzie if charlie was king, would you!?

By the way, the last time it changed was with the crowning/coronation of HM the Queen! Before that, it had her fathers cypher!
When HRH the Prince of Wales becomes The KIng he will use any one of his given names of Charles Philip Arthur George or any other of his choice. All military badges that contain the Royal Cipher will then be replaced by badges using the new cypher. Similarly depending on which crown he chooses all badges incorporating the present St Edwards crown will be replaced by badges with the crown of his choice. I did read somewhere that he was not in favour of Stabrite badges and it is possible that they could be replaced by white/gilding metal badges.

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