Will there ever be a WWIII?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 123, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    Will there ever be a WWIII? Who will be the main Belligerents? When will it happen? How big a role will Britain play?

    Speculate and discuss.
  2. Probably at some point.
    The most tired of life.
    Hopefully long after I'm dead.
    Yappy little dog barking at someone's heels.
  3. There will be if Labour's allowed back in...cnuts!
  4. Subbed for accuracy.
  5. Yes.
    Those with the most firepower.
    51st state.
  6. Probably, some twonk will probably want to take over the world again. It happens with regular monotony. As for will we be involved well I guess for 5 minutes.
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  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    1. Yes
    2. All the World
    3. A week next Tuesday
    4. A bit part (killed off in the first act)

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  8. Probably a lot more civil wars in the future
  9. Its been argued that its already happened, during the cold war. The east V west supported / propped up /overthrew governments all over the world to further their political means.
  10. Hmmm, some say WW2 started with Nanking and is still currently ongoing due to political fallout, changing circumstances etc.
  11. It's also argued that it's happening at the moment, the "elites" versus the rest of humanity.
  12. I've also heard it said that the world war began with Franz Ferdinand getting his and has been in progress ever since.
  13. Johnny Turk will call for OTAN support after a shitty old plane has been shot down over Syria (clause 5, or 4 or whatever it is). Their million strong army will invade Syria using a pincer panzer / volkswagen movement.

    30 miles in and the Syrians will get the better of them. But by then, Uncle Four By will have intervened with a few F-15Es and one of their drones will be shot down over the Umamayad mosque (horribly disfigured by the President's father, the bastard).

    The Americans will call for restraint, while gunning up several carrier battle groups.

    Meanwhile the IDF have pushed north into the wrong country again and the Lebs will be very pissed off.

    Meanwhile the country that most needs to be spanked (Iran) will be found to have supplied the SAM that shot down the Turkish aircraft and the Israelis will have the Mother of All firework displays over Tehran.
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  14. Some might say - Oasis
  15. An Astute will ground itself near the Kola peninsular (much to the embarrassment of the senior service). Putin will offer it for sale as scrap to a gypsy from Uzbekistan.

    And before Nena has had a chance to sing "Neun und neunzig luft bellends" it will have all gone pear shaped.

    The BAOR will be begging for their jobs back while the Russians **** all their computers up and ask the Chinese to sell all their bonds in one go, bringing the Free World to a halt without a BMP in sight.
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