Will the US Meet Its Waterloo in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. This is another post from our friends at the apparently left-leaning Canadian based Centre for Research on Globalization. I am not sure what this fellow (reputedly a well known Swede) is saying so I hesitate to opine too broadly except to note with disgust that he personally feels the only good American, British or other NATO soldier in Afghanistan is a dead one.

  2. He seems to be fixated by an image of Afghans as the "Noble Savage" of the Middle East. An interesting point of view and an extremely personal one. Back in the 60's many people went to Afghanistan and sampled the delights of hashis and opium - there not being much else to sample except for small boys, allegedly. I wonder what his agenda is, other than being a throwback to an era of love and peace and all things hippy?
  3. I am still trying to digest it-I suppose it has at least something to do with the venue and occasion of his talk.
  4. Ah yes peace and all that, promoted by an aging Hippy left wing idealist quasi intellectual who goes on to say that the only good foreign soldier is a dead one. Most illuminating. We used to get this kind of stuff in the UK in the 60's and 70's - an era when e.g. Sheffield city council covered the town hall with barbed wire in support of the terrorists in the Maze prison in Norn Iron. And oddly enough around that time the young radicals were all full of talk of the cold war bringing the US to its knees because the USA was bankrupt.
  5. Having re-read his piece several times (maybe it is my lack of Swedish blood-it explains I suppose why the long haired CO's ancient Volvo is so quirky with its electrics) I also noticed his apparent point that the US is in effect holding the world hostage by its threatened insolvency--something that increasingly looks possible as our deficit and spending continues to accelerate even beyond historic levels.

    When I read this I was reminded of a crusty old instructor at a professional military course who had an especially arcane subject and time period (right after noon chow). One of his memorable devices to keep the lads awake was to periodically flash a slide with an incredibly cute puppy looking forlornly at the camera with a .45 pistol being held to its temple with the caption "If you fall asleep we shoot the dog!" The resulting uneasy laughter was good for another 15 minutes of wakefulness.

    The economic predicament of the US (and other western states) vis a vis China etc. reminds me of that or the other similar one where the perp is holding the cops at bay with a gun to his own head telling them if they move he will shoot.
  6. The Centre for Global Research, founded by Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa, also has a nice little sideline in 9/11 conspiracy theories too.

    Just goes to show what sort of BS professors can get away with once they're granted tenure.
  7. again, I don't vouch for the sources (including the even more evil FOX! :D )--merely bring them to the table for dissection by you and other astute ARRSERs.
  8. Why are the Yanks waiting for a train from Sfghanistan or Iraq in London?
  9. Whenever someone identifies themselves as a member of a 'solidarity campaign', they automatically bring their objectivity into question. We have a slew of these kind of groups in the UK, mostly concerned with various countries in Latin America, and they only tend to show 'solidarity' with people who vote the right way and preferably have the right skin colour. Condemnation of the Taliban / FARC / Shining Path / insert-relevant-insurgent-group is always in very short supply whilst you'd think that the elected governments had come straight from hell.
  10. Isn't it amazing that people like this Jan Myrdal have selective memory. Before 2001, the people of Afghanistan (especially women) were being terrorised, tortured and murdered by the Taliban.

    Reading (except for the Koran) and learning were forbidden, as was anything seen as being modern or western (including medicine).

    The Tabilan murdered thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands... yet this muppet has the audacity to lay the blame at the feet of people who are, at least, trying to help.

    Yes the US has it's own agenda (every government from every country - including his beloved Sweden - has an agenda). But a least the coalition forces are trying to help bring peace and security to Afghanistan, for ALL the people, not just the women.

    Mr Myrdal may look back at his time in Afghanistan during the 50's, 60's and 70's through rose coloured glasses - but if he'd have gone back there under the Taliban, he may well have had his head cut off for being an Infidel.

    Whilst the reasons for going into Iraq were and are controversal, he also likes to forget the reasons we went into Afghanistan in the 1st place - the unprovoked attack on the Two Towers and the Pentagon.

    Hindsight is always 20/20 vision perfect.