Will the Union see its 300th birthday?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Will the Union see its 300th birthday?
    Daily Telegraph Online
  2. Well Yippee,
    The Sots must be allowed to do their thing in life.
    Their own Parliament and Exchequer.
    Solve the Lothian question in one foul swoop.
  3. As a Jock, the worst possible thing to happen since Mrs Brown said to Mr brown," Look a baby boy!"
  4. Bring it on - no more Labour Government. People forget that the conservatives had more votes than Labour in England at the last election - 8,111,005 to Labour's 8,043,461.

    Let them set up their own mechanisms of state (Inland Revenue, DVLA etc.etc.) and bear the cost of it.

    Also make those Scots who come south looking for work (there'll be a stampede to get away from draconian taxation) be subject to the same controls as Romanians.

    I say all this as a half Scot (although I'd rather admit to being gay).
  5. Well perhaps the English should get used to being governed by another part of the United kingdom... the rest of us have had to do it for years! On a serious note the west Lothian question et al is just an excuse to get votes and is lovingly deployed by the old persons top whinging paper( the mail )at any opportunity. If you don't want Brown because of his policies don't vote for him. If its just because he is a sweaty your a bit sad.
    Does your plan for scottish ethnic cleasing also include the Armed services/police/Prison service etc cos if it does you are going to have to get a lot more immigrants into the M25 corridor
  6. If Scotland does become independent does that mean we can fcuk off Gordon Brown???
  7. A half Scot and Gay - must be from Embra!!
  8. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was for me, that the Scottish group who worked out the plans for Scottish devolution were also responsible for the plans for the break-up of England into its component regions. 'Two Jags' blindly adopted it, for reasons known only to him, but fortunately (inevitably?) it was ditched by a wiser regional electorate.
    It's a sad day that, in the alphabet of countries which threaten the tranquillity and stability of England and the UK, 'S' for Scotland looms larger than most.

    "...the ties which bind her (England) to the Russian Empire are formed in nature and are inviolable."
  9. Scotland run by a bunch swaggering muppets who can't project manage the build of their own house on time and get stiffed with a bill for ten times the original cost? Then an important bit falls down. What a success that will be.
  10. I don't live there and I haven't for an awful long time so perhaps I'm the wrong person to comment (but this is arrse so I will :twisted: - why should I be different?)

    Your statement above could easily be applied to Wembley, England is not exempt from disastrous building projects and the whole world is laughing at that baby. The country should already be sh1tting themselves about the Olympics.

    Looking in from the outside it strikes me that a lot of red tape has been wiped away since devolved government, I only casually check out the politics North of the Border but they seem to get things done quicker. For instance, did you notice how quickly they implemented the 'smoking in pubs' ban? Whereas down here they dithered about blindly, firstly a partial implementation then a full one due to public pressure but not till next year. What was that all about?

    I've said before that I'm a proud Brit but if the Scots go their own way who can stop them? Still, it would give you more time to concentrate on your other 'undesireables'
  11. knuckle dragger wrote:

    Actually it's not just an excuse to get votes, it's a serious Constitutional issue and was initially raised in 1979 by a Scottish MP, Tam Dalyell. He predicted that Scottish devolution would lead inevitably to a constitutional crisis and that is exactly where we're heading. Your point about Brown is the perfect example, WE didn't vote for him, he sit's for a Scottish seat and so is not answerable to an English electorate for decisions he takes affecting them! Intolerable!! :x
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Will you do me a favour? Switch 'English for 'Scottish' and 'Brown' for 'Thatcher' and then read your post back to yourself.

    If you can't see what's wrong with your post after that, you're beyond help
  13. Tell me something. Did the Scots LIKE being governed by Thacher? No they didn't. In fact they dislinked it so much, they eventually got their own parliament. Now, will the English like being governed by Broon? And if they don't, what will happen?

    As for Prescott's plan for English regional assemblies, this was NuLab's plan to head off English nationalism at the pass, as it were. Fortunately the good voters of Northumbria kicked this well into touch.
  14. Ladies & Gents,

    dress it which way you want, but it will be a disaster for both countries and the UK as a whole.

    If the UK breaks into its individual parts, then we will lose the seat as a UN permanent member, our clout in the world (already damaged by T Bliar!) will be about as much as Lichenstien and we'll be dragged into a nightmare scenario of allowing radicals and ultra-left or right into power.

    it is not good for anybody, especially Scotland is the SSP get in 8O
  15. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    As I've said to you before Andy, I'm in favour of a separate English parliament that only votes on English matters (as are a majority of Scots as it happens: source a poll in The Scotsman that I can't find at the moment)

    Reserving the UK parliament for defence/foriegn policy and those matters that effect the whole UK.

    It won't happen under Labour though and we both know it.