Will the UK send troops to combat ISIS?

Grey Fox

*Russian Troll*
Guys, who looks like officires of the GREN GDS HQ make a selfie at the something that look like an T-90 in the Iraq's colours.
Good unofficial vacations?
How many troops have just deployed to Saef Sarrea and Albanian lion 18....................
4....that'll put the fear of God into the fookers...
and if it's not going to compromise their PERSEC...Oh fook'it. Here's their ID phots .:threaten:^^:eek::mad:
Given the source, taken with more than a large pinch of salt.

'TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian sources confirmed that 5 British soldiers have been killed in ISIL missile strikes in Eastern Deir Ezzur.
The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted local sources in Eastern Syria as saying on Thursday that the ISIL missile attacks on the town of al-Sha'afah killed 5 British forces fighting under the command of the US-led coalition and wounded a number of others. They added that the wounded soldiers were transferred to al-Shadadi hospital in Southeastern Hasaka. According to the report, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has withdrawn from some of their positions after the ISIL attacks against al-Sha'afah which was earlier under the control of the Kurdish forces. The missile strikes were the second ISIL attack on British troops in Syria in days.
Last Sunday, two soldiers were reportedly injured and one member of the US-backed SDF was killed in an ISIL rocket attack.'


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