Will The UK And France Visit Libya Very Soon?

With the news that a Saudi Sheik and a few hundred fighters from IS have taken over Derna in Libya, will there be a late Winter vacation by UK and French forces to go and give them a good kicking?



Basically the gist is that Saudi preacher Abu al-Baraa el-Azdi, who arrived from abroad in September, took over Derna. Backing him up are two to three hundred fighters, mostly Libyans, with combat experience in Syria. Under their control, Derna is being cleared of opponents, with a string of assassinations of judges, government officials and activists.

So what are the chances of two infantry brigades (one French, one British) with naval and air support going in and quashing this quickly, before it starts to expand across the whole of Libya? If HMG had any thoughts on the matter, they'd already have contingency for this. If they haven't then they're not very bright.


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Jaisusss! Have they not done enough damage to the country already with their illegal bombing in the first place without compounding it? A typical Septic response: drop a few bombs on it, lob some rockets and see what happens. That's what passes for "foreign policy" there.

There is probably a good chance of the French doing it. Less so the British.

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