Will the Scots Guards take over from the Black Watch?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by westwinger, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. Yes, and good luck to them.

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  2. No need now Bush is in.

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  3. No need now the Fallujah attack has started

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  4. No, but some other poor bugger will.

  1. Well? What do we think?
  2. Can't help but worry that the chances of ANY Guards being deployed to the 'Triangle of Death' (cue scary music) is very low. Sacred cow, anyone?
  3. there was a Guards battalion in the war last year so I fail to see the point you are making
  4. Me too, did you forget about the Falklands as well there stab :?
  5. In the great words of Vicky Pollard "yeah but no but yeah but no but"

    Despite my location I am not telling you the answer to this one -- but it will be interesting to see what the masses think.

    It is nice to be a smart arrse sometimes. :wink:
  6. Scots Guards currently = an in role Armoured Infantry Bn = haven't been yet = seems perfectly possible to me.
    I thing Stab in the Dark is confusing things with taking lads out of sentry boxes and stuffing them in to troopships bound for the Falklands. It doesn't (isn't supposed!) to happen like that anymore...
    Apart from that I have no idea!
  7. Rumour has it the BW are handing over to the Scots Guards when they get back from the triangle of spam incompetence (sorry - death). To be followed by a hand over to the Highlanders who are in Deutchland eenoo.
  8. i meant to provoke debate, not insult - perhaps i should explain. Guardsmen are, for the most part, a good bunch. I have, however, the ditinct misfortune to live with a lad shortly joining the Guards (not sayin which Bn) as an Officer and I despise him and his upper classed incompetant hoi pelloy ilk getting the same opportunities that I have had to work hard for, simply because of his birth:D . Read an article in the Times on Sunday saying that an infantry unit "nicknamed The Tigers" was being sent to Iraq and would most likely be sent North. Who might that be? Answers on a postcard, lads...
  9. In the dark by name and awareness it would appear.

    You appear to have failed on both counts with some fairly ill-judged, not to say ill-informed posting. And not just on this thread either (RGBW M4 Fusiliers - note correct spelling pse). What are you talking about? Was not aware that any of the predecessor regiments were in fact fusiliers.

    Second, get that chip off your shoulder. You might be able to walk a little taller and be proud of who you are rather than wasting time worrying about others. If this bloke is crap at his job, he'll get rumbled by his troops.
  10. I know they aren't fusiliers (my spelling is shite, by the way) and never have been - its just a nickname ive heard. Secondly, I don't have a chip on my shoulder - i just dont think its fair on the lads to get 'officers by birth'. But, having said that, I agree with you that the guys Plt wil probably tear him apart :twisted:

    Oh, and for clarification, Im not one for normally considering myself misguided or misinformed - Im just not that eloquent (sp?) at making myself understood in writing.
  11. Other units mentioned for possible deployment to the UK is:


    "The Queen's Lancashire Regiment, based in Cyprus, and the Shropshire-based Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, nicknamed the Tigers, could also be deployed in southern Iraq, bringing the total number of British soldiers in the country to more than 9,000."