Will the RTR Make 100 Years?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Vent_Tube_Tester, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Considering what he 'Big Richy' said in the Times & now the Adimral of the three ships having his say. Then the review coming out later in the year, Conservative Govt etc. Will we get the telegram from Liz :?
  2. Not sure if any of the regiments will survive, as we know them !!
    The future battlefield is destined to be high tech and very fast moving,it is probably a long way off ,but the "tank" will be superceded by weapon platforms either air launched (heli/aircraft) or even space launched .

    Some work is already going on with mini remote controlled tanks/bombs which move under their own power,being developed to be inserted onto the battlefield by air, activated and " homed in " to targets wether it be vehicles/infantry/ field h.q. by an operator miles away using high def cameras to position them and detonate the charges, suicide bomber robots !!
  3. Seriously? You think we're going to give up all tanks as we're going to be confined to Helmand forever and never need them in rolling countryside or desert against state-actors... dream on. We will adapt, probably keep less of the things and only stay just about current, but we will keep them none the less.

    The RAC will no doubt get some "restructuring" / "rebalancing" or even squadrons cut, but I doubt any regiments will go.

    And if they do it's blatantly time we lost the final vulgar fractions!
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    We have had a cavalry without horses for 71 years.

    We have had a Parachute Regiment without parachutes for a couple of years now.

    Why can we not have a Royal Tank Regiment without tanks?
  5. Tut tut..... Boggles,
    are you trying to wind up whats left of the peoples cav?
  6. Thought we did and called it 1RTR... :twisted:
  7. Just had a wee peek on Wiki, to get the information:


    I had thought the centenary was slightly more imminent. I was thinking RTR was formed a couple of years earlier. But, according to Wiki, the Royal Tank Regiment was formed on 28th July 1917. :?
  8. HBMG Corps was only formed the year before.
    The powers that be had had enough of the pointless-posers-on-'orses failing to do anything other than consume hay and get in the way. Twas a time for blokes what had a clue to 'do stuff'.
    So we did.

    The, 'not very bright but huge social graces' lot finally caught on. But not for some time in many cases...

    <checks MBS>
  9. The RTR..............It's absolutely unthinkable that it would cease to exist!! Mind you, perhaps like with the bands, some half brained fcukwit in Whitehall will amalgamate RTR and Cav into the HeavyLightDragoonHussarLancerCavalryTank Brigade!!!!!!! (No Fractions)
    The only real worry to me is, inevitably it'll mean even less guys to carry out the tasks of many!!!! They're already rumour mongering their way through the next round of defence cuts!! I watched 'Starship Troopers 3' (I know I shouldn't have) the other night and thought 'Chroist', that it should ever come to that bunch of screaming 'World Federation' fruitcakes but then, I thought , they already exist and are practising for the 'Bug war' in Afghanistan under the guise of The American forces!!!!! 8O :boogie: :bow:
  10. Damn! I'm gonna have to ask. You've got me on that one. I've Googled "MBMG Corps" and it only brings up your post. I'm guessing it's some comical nickname for cavalry, but I'm buggered if I can decipher the code. :D

    Main Battle Mounted Guards?

    Main Battle Manoeuvering Gee-gees?
  11. You've about as much hope of survival to your centenary as the other 100-year-experiment foisted upon us by Trenchard.
  12. The RTR and the rest of the RAC can survive the next 30, 40 or even 50 years, so long as they are not limited to the Main Battle Tank. We've already seen squadrons going out to do tours with Mastiff or Viking.
    Best future option ? A light Warrior-sized fire support vehicle as the basic wagon for all RAC regts, a Nato pool of MBTs for armoured warfare training. A US or European tank, common to larger Nato armies, kept in a few training areas (including BATUS) in large enough numbers for BG and even Bde training. Simulators and a few wagons for driver training kept in each RAC camp. At current rates a three year op cycle could be maintained, dividing time between deployments in the support role and armoured warfare training.
  13. Sorry maid, spatulate fingers should be(and now indeed is) HBMG Corps. :oops:
  14. <Cough> Fcuk that for a verkakte barrel load of angry monkeys!!!!!<Cough>