Will the REAL threaders VM please stand up.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by threaders-vm, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Having come back recently from telic and being away from arrse, and after the war I had with geordie blerk about username theft it appears that some retard has stolen my username for good. Apparently threaders vm is a friend of the injured squaddie ben parkinson..... I am not, apparenty i have an std, i do not. the list goes on, just look at the posts by the real and fake threaders vms. The way to tell is simple, I have been on arrse since 2005, and my username has a - between threaders and vm, this is apposed to the 'imposter' who has a _ between threaders and vm.
    All I ask is that anyone thinking of PMing me with abuse at being a walt is aware of this, and checks the smallprint in the name, also if the imposter wants to have a chat then by all means please PM me. You retard.

    Loads of love and christmas cheer to you all good arsers

    From the REAL threaders-vm.
  2. fcuk off walt! :wink:
  3. Merry Christmas Threaders-vm

    didn't someone do this before? I seem to recall a "Gutaway".................
  4. Arrse walting now?
  5. I have to admit to wondering why you'd suddenly become a prize-winning penis.

    Sorry, old chap.
  6. The fake threaders is much funnier.... and not a dirty workshy REME spanner bender :D
  7. I bet you're a right laugh at parties.
  8. Maybe the Government had your details on a disc and mailed it the other threaders by mistake and he is now living your life.
  9. I don't understand. Why would anyone want to pretend to be a work shy spanner monkey? :p
  10. We had a chat about a year ago. I PM'd you. Your reply was along the lines of 'making my life hell'. I'm still waiting.

    Why not use your fake Geordie Blerk log in?

    There's no need to be confused about 2 threaders - you're illiterate and extremely boring.
  11. I think I love you. Marry me.

    He's the one being "funny" in the kitchen, whereas you and I would be breaking the cabinets. Oh yeah baby, just there. :D
  12. Bundle .......my dosh is on o2 thief threaders _vm :threaten: :shakefist:
  13. I agree, the old threaders is a boring cnut.....stone the witch!
  14. Its the 02 Hat without the PARA reg capbadge again, you havent been doppelganging any other ARRSES today have you. Nip down to the Maypole we'll have a drink together sometimes you need a friendly hug.
  15. God but you're boring. Maypole? No thanks - Pikey dump run by a cockney wideboy. Do yourself a favour fatty and keep bagging the SCH's and impressing the 16 yr olds with your groomin.....sorry...recruiting tales.