Will the real Hardmong please stand up?

OK - I'm not sure that I can bear any of Hardman476's insane dribblings any longer, guaranteed to wind up all and sundry. I feel it's time to remind the fellow Shooting Sports bretheren of the following which was posted after his first service rifle thread:

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 4:30 pm

Idea of a new service rifle.....as I did reveal, was WAH, prob, the best one for a long time so what did you all think of it??

Special thanks must go to Phil ‘the biggest *’ Hardman for his invaluable and vast knowledge in weapons systems at the review centre….. (If there was ever a job for miss-information...!) and Sgt ‘what a tosser’ Gunman, by the time you read this (please don’t) you would have just finished your ‘SAS CBT Training’ at the gay field air soft camp.

I hate to say it, only to make it convincing, I managed to contact both of these tossers and therefore, was able to mimic they vandalism of the Queen’s English, and yes like the rest of you, while researching for this wah, I nearly pissed myself reading the tossers email to me.

This experience has opened my mind to the fact the people who do air-soft and paintball are total complete tossers, retards, live in a fantasy, bullied at school and most certainly don’t have a girlfriend.

Purple Flash
Now I draw your attention to the fact that there are a number of real sentences above, even some with correctly spelt words and punctuation. Is it really the Moderator, purple flash, or just someone else who enjoys torturing this forum? I think it's time we were told! Would the real Hardmong please stand up?
Not me.
I reckon that Hardmong's alter ego is Nails, who infests Rum Ration with drivel. That or maybe the twin mong. :D
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