Will the Queen skip Charles?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Corporal, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. On the radio today, I heard a discussion about why the Queen was still on the throne. One of the thoughts was that she thinks Charles is unfit to be King and is waiting for William to get to an age where he could take over, cutting Charles out of the picture.

    Any truth or utter b*llox? And in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter who sits on the throne anymore?
  2. i don't think it will happen as the rules of sucession had to be followed unless Charles abdicate the throne in favour of William.
    i think Charles would like to have a bash at it, so i think many of us will still be in line for a jubillee medal or two before a Coronation Medal is due.
    i don't see the queen going in quick order just yet i would say she will be around for another 20+ years her mum lived to be 100!
  3. Utter bollocks of course. Her Majesty will remain monarch until the day she dies (unless Big Brother Blair evicts her to a chav council estate first)
    Next in succession is His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.
    Next question?
  4. I could be wrong here but,

    If Charles were to say peg it before the Queen then doesnt the link to wills and harry die too?

    I thought William can only be King if he succeeds Charles. If Charles does not make King then the right of succesion goes to the Anne as the 2nd child of the Queen ??

    Not sure but thats how I look at it??
  5. Does she have the right to name a successor or does it have to follow the line of succession?

    Good point Disco, how does that work?
  6. As Sid wrote the Queen does not retire, She dies, and next in line (Charles) takes over.

    Succession is regulated by the Act of Settlement (1701)

    THE Queen has no power to change the Act of Settlement . Parliament could change it in theory, but it would take a brave govenment to try it.

    Only other options open under the Act of Settlement is if the Queen becomes to senile to carry on, Then Charles becomes Prince Regent and help mum out, or he abdicates in favour of his son (Which I doubt he will do)

    To change it in any other way would lead to the end of the Monarchy, and William never becomes King...

    No the line of succession would not change. Even if Charles dies it then goes to William then Harry until William has an Heir himself. Then line goes to Andrew and his Heirs, then to Edward and his Heirs, before Ann even has a look in. (Succession follows the Male Blood Line first)

    See http://www.etoile.co.uk/Rsucc.html for full list.

    Also see http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page389.asp
  7. mm i hadn't thought of that.
    King Edward VIII only lasted less than a year before he had to abdicate in order to marry Wallace Simpson, his BROTHER took over the throne as King George VI and his daughter took over the throne, however Edward didn't have any kids so that theory hasn't been tested.
  8. I don't want to make it too obvious about how I feel on this thorny issue, but here goes:

    I wish someone would take a tyre iron to the jug-eared, half-witted c-unt.
  9. Was that a party political broadcast for the Liarbour party, AFKAC?

    With this govn, the Royals are the only bit of history we have left.
  10. Put it this way The Monarchy and Aristocracy are two things we have,
    and the Yanks would like more off!

    HM the Queen & Co are also very big cash earners for the country on the tourism front.

    Long Live The Queen

    Tony as Le President I do not want. and since when was his wife 'First Lady' ?
  11. And they're also big earners, as surplus income from the Crown Estates is "voluntarily" donated to Grasping Gordy. Whenever the lefties bitch about the Royal List running to x million, they always forget to mention that the Crown Estates rents run to y million, where x<y... In 03/04, the Royal List ran to 7.9M, the revenue surplus paid to the Treasury came to a whopping 176.9M, giving Gordy 169M for free... http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page361.asp

    (toasts) The Queen... But Not Her Government
  12. The only time the monk fish/David Coulthard/Kryton lookalike was first lady was when she appeared in a lesser known Jap skin flick called 'Bukkake! A game for all the family'. I was given the photos by a 'source in Tokyo'.
  13. Call me an old traditionalist, but shouldn't the monarch be the ruler of the country. Shouldn't she decide who succeeds her? And even if her son has been a naughty boy compared to old standards, it's the 21st century. What mother would deny her son the rule of a kingdom.

    Long live the queen *lifts high a glass of port*

    As for old post box mouth. This isn't America. She can kiss my ARRSE!
  14. *lifts high a glass of port*
  15. These phots: I gotta have 'em. Name your price.........