Will the next World War be a fight for resources?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by casper145, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. As per subject, what are your views on the topic?
  2. Well the last ones were so I'd be surprised if a future one was any different.
  3. WWIII is on the way. Its a good job we are preparing for it by expanding our armed forces....... doh!

    With china, India, south americans... increasing their defence capabilities significantly, we are being left behind. In the long run, it is especially important we maintain a strong navy so that we can defend the shipping we NEED to bring enough food into this over-populated little island. Unfortunately, the big bits of kit the navy use require a long time to build, so when it kicks off, it will be much too late to just 'buy more'.

    Soldiers plan for the worst, politicians hope for the best.

    I can't remember where I heard that, but labour seem to be in fantasy land where hopes are concerned.
  4. What key parts of the causes of WWI and WWII were about resources?
  5. Thanks to all the penny pinching from tax farmer Brown, the british armed forces are indeed gonna be left behind. Their approach to arms production today seems to be, build one ship to defend south east england and reduce the number of challanger squardrons.

    China and india could displace us SO easily.

    Numbers always win, look at Russia during WW2.

    Talking of Russia what makes me laugh is Brown goes and starts gettin cheeky to em over that spy thing lol.

    But i do get on my soap box alot :roll: :D
  6. WW2, Germanys need to expand its borders and claim back some of the mineral resources it had lost from WW1.

    WW1 not a lot, however i think Ex was on about the Gulf, rather than the world wars.

    Though practically every war is linked to resources, bit obvious that, i take your land, i have more resources, which means i can then take more land, et al.

    The next war, will be the same, though more bloody. You fancy facing a couple of million chinks!!
  7. Ya with sum Russian backup and supported by a few North Korean nuclear Subs.

    But by then our single challanger squadron will be fully trained and ready to face down the red horde lol :p .

    we might aswell start outsourcing our defence needs to mercenaries or private secuirty firms.
  8. We will need to protect our shipping.

    We will also need to militarily support friendly countries which are net producers of food. These countries will be attacked for the food they can produce. This means we will need to be able to put troops in country to support them.

    our lack of military will only serve to increase the likelyhood of being attacked.
  9. Until recently the principal resource that was fought over was farmland. As nations industrialised so what was under the land became more important. Hitler appeared to have recognised the importance of Russian oil, although the farmland was the principal intended gain.

    Land in general is still important and, in many parts of the world, water is a major issue. If you include those resources, then all wars have been fought over resources and all future wars will be.

    If you want an interesting discussion ask, “what is the resource the next war will be fought over?”
  10. We're a Island, we should be self sufficent, we used to be, how much would it take to become so again, blow up the chunnel for starters!

    Stop paying the EU billions, keep it for investing in our industry, farming, fishing etc, prices will go up, but thats going to happen anyway if it kicks off big style.
  11. All in all I think the process as already started. look at the Iran situation, an oil producing country.

    the trouble is if war did break out, countries like Russia and China have a large amount of resources at their finger tips already compared to us and will be able to gain the advantage quickly if not delt with.

  12. Living space
  13. I think you'll find that the last time we were involved in a bit of a fracas with 'Johnie Foreigner', there was large scale rationing and that we may have been quite dependant upon imported food.
  14. The Chinese are already making inroads in Africa, they are quite happy to pay millions and supply arms t any regime that wants it in return for Minerals, Oils and any other natural resources including living space ( when the Blacks have died off from AIDS)
    Africa is getting fucked again

    This is just the start.............
  15. You're in the cadets aren't you?