Will the new immigration rules work?

A new system introduced today would mean UK workers "get a fair crack of the whip". And about bl**din time.

"UK firms must try to recruit from the European Economic Area (EEA), before looking elsewhere for workers, ministers say. The Home Office said bosses would not be able to fill posts before advertising first in the UK. "

I don't buy it. There'll still be illegals sneaking in, and still plenty of bent bosses employing them. The fine's are bigger now, though, and more employeres have been prosecuted. The curse of the decade: "developers"
will still employ illegals, along with takeaways, kebab shops, and any where else you can get the runs.

A points-based system for skilled workers will mean that most workers from outside the EEA will need a job offer before coming to the country.

So, "skilled workeres" is mentioned here. Maybe we won't just be over run by benefit tourists and opportunists among genuine hard-working migrants.
Maybe the recently published immigrant crime figures will come down.

Apparently; half of immigrants/illegals/asylum seekers are going home, because they are fed up with the weather, the NHS, the Government, etc. Well, at least they all seemed to have served one good purpose!

The new system introduced today would mean UK workers "get a fair crack of the whip".

This follows public concern and media reports: that immigrants were simply waltzing in, and taking Brits' jobs and houses, along with precious social housing. Non EEA nationals are being coddled by do-goodie and spurious immigration agencies and put into social housing. This surely has to stop.

It's alleged that some imiigrants, wherever they come from, can't speak , read, or write English, this in itself shouldn't disbar them, but they are not much use to us if they haven't bothered to learn our language.
Without prejudice.

Comments please.

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