Will the last soldier switch out the light. View from abroad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dwarf, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. This from La Vanguardia today 16th Dec, thought it might be of interest, as how the Army is seen from abroad.
    Quick translation by yours truly.
    Will the last soldier switch off the light.[/align]
    The British Army is mired in Afghanistan through the political manoeuvres of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, but has a constantly diminishing number of effectives. HM’s soldiers are going in thousands, sick of dying in wars that they do not consider theirs, of being far away from their families, lacking good pension, comfortable quarters, and pay which is considered insufficient, and not having the best tools to better their chances of survival in hostile situations.
    And when the soldier does not ask to be released he is being dishonourably discharged for drug consumption. Last year the equivalent of a battalion was fired for positives tests of cocaine, marihuana, and other prohibited substances, in a crisis which puts the Proud, and often Heroic, British Army at the same level of the Tour de France or The Big Baseball Leagues.
    The problem is particularly acute in the Infantry which annually tests 85% of its personnel, and has found that between 2003 and 2007 the number of positive results has risen from 1.4% to 5.7%. Chris Parker, an ex- member of the High Command explains, “This is partly due to the enormous tension of being deployed in combat zones, but also is in part a trick to be sacked without completing the full contract.”
    The Armed Forces of the UK are professionals, the men sign a contract and have to give a years warning in order to return to civilian life, while being caught out on drugs means an immediate discharge, albeit with a stained record.
    According to Major Justin Featherstone, “Many of our young soldiers come from an environment (The Urban Ghettoes) where the consumption of drugs is socially acceptable and part of daily life. When they find themselves away from their families for periods of up to a year and a half then it is easy to give in to temptation no matter that the rules prohibit it.”
    The Military High Ups have publicly expressed their disgust that the treatment of The Armed Forces receives from the Government, despite the sacrifices made in highly political wars in which London has opted to unconditionally follow the ultraconservative administration of the US, although many commentators consider that it raises the danger of terrorism rather than diminishing it, and therefore are counter-productive to the interests of National Security.
    With things as they are, the losses to the Army will remain higher than than the replacements. A difficult solution to solve, although the solution that the soldiers propose is quite simple: Raise in pay, better housing on military bases, shorter missions, correct pensions, and goodbye to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Accompanied by a photo of a tankie in his turret with the British flag and the following:

    The war doesn’t appeal. The British Soldiers are leaving in droves, tired of dying in wars they don’t consider to be theirs.
  2. Interesting piece, I wonder if Gordon Broon and co subscribe to La Vanguardia
  3. Doubt it but I will post No.10 a copy tomorrow, thanks for the idea.
  4. Enano,

    ¿Has traducido eso por Google o algo asi? Porque sino, tendras que mejorar algunas cosas...

    Nunca olvides que La Vanguardia no es un periodico muy tipico de españa - aunque sea Catalan, es un poco a la derecha.

    Este articulo muesstra un poco de la vergüenza de algunos españoles en respecto de sus FFAA que ya saben que no son capaz de ser por sus mismos....

    El Ayudante
  5. Si lo he hecho jo, y he dicho rapido.
    I home, parlo mes catala que castella, i no importa si es de la dreta o esquerra, es el fet.

    Que algien ha publicado esto puede ser interesante, y el traduccion no esta tan mal, - has visto el original?
  6. I'll have what you two are ordering!
  7. Sad but Ufortunately true
  8. He leido la parte gratis, pero...

    ...no penso suscriure'm només per llegis una pila de tonteries.

    Ja ha començat a nevar?
  9. It's a bit melodramatic about urban ghettos. Unfortunately, lots of people take recreational drugs and not only in dingy council estates like that on Trainspotting. Tens of thousands of young people go off to Ibiza to get off their faces, loads of people take stuff like cocaine at weekends and so on. I recall many dozens of people getting caught in my unit when John Major was PM too. It's incredibly easy to acquire too. Each time I visit my old town, loads of my old contemporaries are at home casually smoking marijuana and knocking out a bit of cocaine before they go out. When I decline their offer I'm looked at like I'm a bit wierd (which is also true). So to these toms who want out the army quickly, all they think they are doing is something relatively "normal" that "everyone" does anyway. All the myths about having ablack mark on your discharge record are absolute pish too. It's pretty much a zero-risk get-out-of-the-army tactic for these sprogs.

    These foreign papers are quick to mock our political faults (although true) but if their own countries pulled their weight and sent in troops too, then we could get out more quickly and we'd stop losing more mates to bombs and bullets.
  10. Pm so the Non-spanish/catalan speakers can follow it.

    Poison Dwarf

    Take your point. I know that my nephew does and he is not a bad lad, actively considering joining-up. So where do we draw the line? Getting zapped on 12 pints every night or a quick snort once in a while?

    But while the article might be written a bit melodramatically it is how we are seen by some, which is why I posted it.
    Tony/Gordon have done more damage to the ability of the country to defend itself, especially with Cold War Mk II coming up, than the Boxheads ever did, and the news is filtering abroad.
  11. Por favor señores, hable en inglés para el resto de nosotros para entenderlo. :D

    Mad Mac
  12. My partners Son is in 1 Para a good lad, his older brother regulary has a joint, another good lad. Society has moved on from when I was young, it would seem a lot of people take illegal substances, even Cameron would not deny, taking illegal substances as a student, I recall he side stepped the issue. When I served I know Soldiers who wanted out deliberatly smoked a joint, it was a get out of jail free. Whilst I was in the forces I was contemptuous of weakings who took drugs, now I'm in the real world, I've mellowed. Dont take it myself, never have, but its not all young Chavs taking it. What to do is the dilema.
  13. Interesting the Major Featherstone MC is quoted. I was under the impression he was out!