Will the Int Corps want me or am I wasting my time?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Moriarty, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a couple of questions, hopefully i'm not repeating previously asked questions. I'll give my background first. I have a degree and PhD in Pure Mathematics, i'm 24, and i'm just starting work as a defence related civil servant. Not that it probably matters, but i'm pretty fit as i'm an, albeit slow, marathon runner. I speak no longer languages other then English, and very bad French.

    Here's the questions:

    1. At the end of my degree I picked up a bit of a disability: a long term girlfriend. This scuppered my plans of joining the regs, where I had intended to apply to the Int Corps. So now I am looking at 3 MI. My first question is, am I right to assume the regs would be a no-no now if I want any chance of staying with my girlfriend? I realise there would be a significant amount of intitial time apart while I train, and that is fine, but after training woul there be any likelihood of us being able to still live together?

    2. Assuming the answer to the above is no, would I be a desirable candidate for 3 MI? I am starting to get the impression from other posts that my lack of any language skills might not make me as desirable. I have strong analytical and problem solving skills, and i'd like to think my interpersonal skills are quite good.

    3. I am particularly interested in HUMINT work. Will my lack of language skills make that impossible?

    4. From the locations listed on the 3 MI website I am a fair distance away from any. Although I work not too far from London. Are there opportunites at any other locations than the ones listed? Or, if I decided to travel to a London company what midweek training commitment would be expected of me.

    Thanks for answering these (long) questions :wink:
  2. There is no reason at all why the regs wont take you if you are 24, as an officer or as a soldier.

    There is no reason why you should join the regs, though, if you are happy as you are with your girlfriend, bear in mind the army will not give you a house (as you are not married), and you could be posted abroad so this could be a problem. Yes, you would spend a considerable amount of time away from her for initial training in the regs. The good news is this will probably continue throughout your career.

    Ref 3MI, not being funny our anything mate, but give them a call. You may still be able to join them even if you are a fair distance away, I think they accept long distance personnel, with no mid-week commitment but you would have to rock up every so often for weekends and camps. Don't quote me, I may be talking rubbish. Lack of languages shouldn't be a problem. Not sure about your other questions.

    Is there no other unit that floats your switch nearer to you? I know you may be interested in the slime area, but if you do that job/or similar through the week why not have a change at the weekend?
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It will be difficult for anyone on this site to answer questions about whether the Corps will 'want' you without actually meeting you. Your best bet is to make contact with 3 MI and go along and have a look and an honest chat with the people there. They won't bite; and they won't bullsh1t too much.

    As for being able to live with your girlfriend as a regular: basically no. Nobody will have any moral objections but the chances of your getting posted anywhere remotely convenient are so remote it's hardly worth considering (unless she lives in Basra or Kabul, of course :D ).
  4. I have already made contact, albeit by leaving an answering machine message. I was just hoping for some info from serving soldiers/officers.

    With regards to other units near me there isn't anything that appeals as much. There is a SF signals unit, an artillery unit and a med unit in my city. Within driving distance there is also infantry and 21 SAS.
  5. Ask them what they do. There may be a slot in the unit that would appeal to you. It may be an artillery unit but it may well have an int cell or something similar.
  6. A lack of languages is not a barrier to joining 3 MI, nor is where you live. Get booked on the next selection weekend and give it a go. Pass or fail, you'll learn something about yourself. I might be there as the cynical SNCO running a stand. Not that you'll pick me out from the crowd matching that description of course.

    The majority of posts do not require languages although if you do know a useful one (useful depending on where we are these days) you will be able to use it if you want to. Don't expect to get trained in one though, budgets and all that.

    As for location, we recruit nationwide and people travel in from all over. The weekends are what count, but try and get in for as many evenings as you can - particularly during the recruit/trade training phase.

    Oh, and have a damn good think about how your job and g/f will cope with you being called up for the best part of a year before you get in, not after. It's not certain you will - in theory you won't get called up these days unless you have volunteered to do so - but it saves your management an awful lot of grief not having to watch you run round in circles shouting if you do get the envelope.
  7. No disrespect to the work of 3MI but if the only thing stopping you joining the Regs is your g/f I think that is a terrible shame. One is an interesting and worthwhile way of serving your country, while very definitely remaining a civvy, the other is a life style choice - and in my view a damn good one!

    Having said that - if you can't destroy your girlfriends life for the advancement of your career you may not be suitable material for HUMINT work! :lol:
  8. I used to be in 3MI and I worked in a HUMINT team in the Balkans. I couldnt speak any languages. I subsequently got sent on an arabic course prior to OP TELIC. So all the possibilites and chances are there.

    One word of advice, if you like your girlfriend, don't join 21 SAS. After a year of being away every other weekend and fitting in three weeks continuous training in order to be badged, she will probably leave you (if she hasnt already) UNLESS she is very very understanding.

    Give 3MI a go. I enjoyed my time with them and as has been mentioned they will recruit nationally, even more so once 5MI comes on line.
  9. Thanks for all the advice already, I have made contact with 3MI now to get more details.

    With regards to the subject of joining the regular army, if I were to I would look to join as an officer. Does the army only acknowledge couples who are married then? i.e. the recruitment website says that married quarters are available for the second and third terms at sandhurst, and then after. Would there be no way of us being entitled (without getting married obviously)?
  10. I just read that back and it sounds odd. What I meant was, the recruitment website says that married accomodation is available near sandhurst but you are expected to remain on site throughout the entire week. Is that what you were querying?
  11. I think you'll find the clue in the term "married quarters".
  12. mmm, sound a bit over-qualified to be a soldier, plus having good inter-personal skills may be a hinderance in the corps! Wouldn't worry about lack of languages, they'll test your ability for languages and may make you suffer language training anyway!

    Good luck!
  13. :oops: Ahem, yeah, I should have seen that coming. With all due respect to the system in place it just seems like a bit of an out of date notion to think that any committed couple wants to get married and that having a partner, who is not your wife, makes you unsuitable to serve in the army.
  14. It's a simple administrative proposition from MoD's end - there are not that many SFA (Services Families' Accommodation) houses available and the MoD is wary of chaps importing boy/girlfriend into one, splitting up and then being faced with the admin nightmare of evicting the import. Marriage is seen as implying a rather lower probability of this happening - although divorce is terrifyingly common in the Services, under the twin pressures of a high operational tempo and the desire of many young soldiers to get the hell out the single accommodation and thus rushing into marriage with the wrong partner.

    The implication isn't that someone living in sin is unsuitable for service in the Army - if that were the case, it'd be a much, much smaller organisation - rather that a line has to be drawn somewhere. It's an inescapable truth that the Army requires a lot of separation and short-notice moving and many couple prefer to buy somewhere and the military partner commutes on a weekly or longer basis to and from his or her duties.