Will the Falklansd Islands Defence Force be buying MTP

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by loski, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Here's a question will the FIDF be buying MTP from the UK, And if they decide to continue with DPM where are they going to source it from.
  2. Their DPM was commercially sourced anyway - IIRC, they had either Arktis or SASS smocks and windproof trousers; they are a colonial militia and, as such, are not entitled to issued kit.
  3. What does it matter? The Argies will go through 'em like a dose of salts no matter what they're wearing.
  4. Given that MTP is designed to be effective in awide range of environments, not sure there would be a requirement for it, other than conformity with UK Armed Forces.

    If they have a free hand on budget, I'm sure there's better stuff they could spend there money on. However, a good "and and in vs down and out" debate would certainly keep Island gossip going for a few years!
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  5. The RIC got issued MTP while I was down south - actually looked a lot better on the terrain than the next coy to come out who had DPM. Far more effective, and this was the winter down there
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  6. You're not wrong. The Argentine gubmint do recognise the FIDF as a legitimate armed force, which is why they were sent home by Rex Hunt in 1982 - he feared that when they were (inevitably) captured that they would be shot out-of-hand. I said it before and I'll say it again, they need to become a TA-unit on the lines of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (yes, I know that this fine regiment has a Regular element). The obstacle to this sensible reform is the Islands' Government itself. By becoming a TA unit they would become part of the ORBAT of our Army and, as such, benefit from the provisions of LOAC.
  7. They are funded by the FI govt last I heard they Bought some S90 kit and MK6 helmets from the MOD and some from Artkis gortex smocks and assult vests.
  8. If I rember there was talk of that happening and the MOD didn't want to know, on the other hand if they did become a TA unit the mod would lumber them with all the clapped out kit that they wanted to get rid of and charge like the light brigade for it, the same way they tried to rip em off when they looked into buying the sa 80 to replace their old SLR's hence they have bought the AUG much cheaper.
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  9. My personal view has always been that the FIDF in its current form doesn't actually perform the function it is intended for. It's not a stand-alone Defence Force by any stretch of the imagination and if any major event did happen, the FIDF would more than likely find themselves sidelined by the UK Armed Forces.

    Maybe the question should be: Does the FIDF actually need to be in uniform at all, or would the Islands be better served if they changed into a Civil Defence type of group to be used in times of natural disaster/major emergency but not actually armed and not considered Combatants?
  10. Loski, as I alluded to in another, recent thread:

    When I was down there in 2005, I had the opportunity to fire their Steyr AUGs - quite frankly, they were a piece of clapped-out shit back then, which had even more stoppages than the infamous A1.I've never had a problem with the A2 (or A3).
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  11. My experience of the FIDF made me think of the Louisiana Army National Guard; anyway, I digress. IIRC, they don't do much with the RIC or the wider garrison at MPA. Z-O, you have made a very, very good point - they could easily become something akin to the uniformed but unarmed Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps.

  12. That's exactly what I was thinking about. The FIDF already provide ground-based Mountain Rescue Teams so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to get themselves re-roled.
  13. I actually agree with Z-O maybe they should be more of a civil defence unit that would cost the FI govt a lot less but we locals like to feel that we are doing somthing toward our defence and if the argies do invade again the FIDF will probaly be ordered to lay down their arms again to prevent them being shot by the argies but if they did take an active part in any fighting to answer Z-O,s previous comment that'' the argies will go through them like a dose of salts'' if that is the case then that infers that the British contingant will have been gone through allso.
  14. This rig would look great in MTP, I'm sure:

  15. Indeed it does. The regular element of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment are its HQ company and two of its three rifle companies. Its regular officers all attend regular RMAS, its regular ORs the full regular courses at Brecon; all of them work full-time.

    It's a hybrid unit, not a TA one.