Will the Axe fall on Sir Blair?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. We all wait for the CPS verdict on the De Menezes shooting. Many claim to know already but the question is, will the outcome whatever it may be affect the position of Commissioner Blair. And will other Senior Officers fall on their swords for him?.


  2. The only bloke with that suffix that's any good is Lionel!
  3. I feel for the officers in the tube station, but this appears to me to have been a badly planned operation with poor C3. If, charges are bought against the officers on the ground, then those responsible for the command and control should not only take responsibility, but IMHO be charged with the same offences.

    As for Blair falling on his sword, as I understand he did nothing to dispel the "barrier jumping / winter garb / acting suspiciously" stuff that was spouted by the Met's own PR machine, until he was forced to, and for this, he should do the decent thing.

    If nothing else, this awful situation at least brings into the public domain the issues of having to make split second life and death decisions, with poor resourcing, poor C3, a cynical media and HMG distancing itself from any responsibility. Sounds vaguely familiar.
  4. 24 hours before Sir Ian Blair knew the shooting was a mistake. Pull the other one Sir Ian!!!
  5. There is just something about the name Blair that makes me feel very uncomfortable.
  6. Too easily anagrammed into a more accurate B liar! Of course the commoner wishes to become a Sir - can you imagine having 2 Sir Blairs!!
  7. The offences I considered included murder, manslaughter, forgery and breaches of health and safety legislation

    Stephen O'Doherty
    Crown Prosecution Service

    Apparently it can be dangerous to shoot a weapon at someones' head, especially when you hold the indiv on the ground while you do it!!
  8. The CPS has become a court!

    It, rather than a court will decide whether of not there is a case to answer.

    It has a remit that will refuse to certify a charge on the basis of public [Government's] policy - that is to say, it will refuse to certify a charge on the grounds that it is not in the public [Government's] interest!

    It really makes no difference how 'independent' the Police Complaints Commission is - it's report still has to go through the CPS!

    In fact, if it is so independant' as the Government claims it is then why is it that the public will not see a full copy of it's report?

    What the public will actually see, eventually, is a heavilly redacted copy!

    If it is 'independant' then who decides that it's full report is not disclosed to the public?

    'Independant' that word again!

    Anyone like to bet what the outcome of the charge of a breach of the Health and Safety Act is likely to be?

    You guessed it!

    It is a fig leaf!

    No breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act for the CO at Deepcut!

    His teenage soldiers had a perfectly safe working environment!

    Regards and best wishes
  9. Careful Outstanding, I was ticked off by the Moderator for as he quotes " We also try and avoid cutting and pasting verbatim, due to copyright issues." I think your CPS text may be copyright!!!. I have however contacted the CPS by e-mail to clarify if their press statements can be used on a public forum without breaking any copyright issues.
  10. I have looked and looked in a variety of media for the origin of the various rumours doing the media rounds after the shooting. I have yet to find any.

    It is my opinion that the media, not finding anyone who was willing to say anything about the shooting, made the rumours up themselves - as they are all too prone to do.

    Of course, if You can provide verifiable evidence as to Rumour Control then I would be more than interested
  11. Sorry Sven, I should have been more specific. I don't know which media you have researched, my comment was based on the interview Sir Ian Blair gave at 10:30pm on the evening of the shooting to Newsnight, where he stated the barrier jumping quote, quoting an earlier Press release made at 4pm on the day of the shooting.

    As I understand, he was told immediately after coming off air, that this was not correct, yet did nothing to correct media reports made over the next 48 hours, based on his statement.
  12. I always do the rounds of (in the case of British domestic news) the Beeb, Reuters (if it is current) the Indie and the Guardian. Murdochs rags are not trustwqorthy and the Torygraph is just that, a Tory mouthpiece.

    A BBC article written last year does not appear to substantiate Your assertion. He is quoted as saying "As I understand the situation the man was challenged and refused to obey police instructions." and the Yard is gave a statement with the line "His clothing and his behaviour at the station added to their suspicions." But there are no specifics such as the rags were reporting
  13. Thanks Sven, I take your point, but still feel from my great unwashed perspective, that Sir Ian Blair could have given a clearer picture of the day's events, thus correcting the Media's take on it, without prejudicing any investigation.
  14. Only my opinion mate but I don't think that it is the function of the police to counter every f*ckwit announcement the Sum or Male puts out - it would need a permenant depertment