Will the army overlook a D in GCSE maths for Officer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by philpott, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im wanting to join the army as an officer.

    Only one problem I have a D in GCSE maths, I am still doing my A-levels and have anopther year left i am re-sitting the maths exam and hopeing to get my C then, but if, not will the army overlook a D being as it is the national average.

    I have so much to offer the army and I do not want a D in maths to stop my dream.

    any info, please reply

  2. Depends what your dream is as some jobs require different grades
  3. Get the C and get some nice alevels. Also if ur not good at maths then practice before u enter because they will ask alot of.... if ive got a troop walking at 9mph and need to cover 12miles how long will it take? and no guesses!
  4. Who cares no one will catch them.
  5. Short answer - No. Most likely not.

    If its your dream, put in the hard work (ie distance learning etc) and get a C
  6. Philpott,

    I do hope you fulfil your dream of becoming an Officer, but you need to brush up on your grammar (don’t we all), it says a lot, especially on forums like this.

    Just a pointer,

    wi3h u luk m8

  7. Let's hope not. Otherwise why bother having any entry standards whatsoever? We are talking about getting a grade C GCSE FFS - it's not exactly rocket science or a PhD in nuclear physics.
  8. i wasnt looking to be critised at all guys, i simply was looking for an answer...thanks
  9. Then maybe the army isnt for you if you arent up to speed you will be told in no uncertain terms
  10. Seriously! A D is the national average!? Thats ridiculous.

    Maths is easy, just practice!
  11. GCSE maths has got nothing to do with maths - its all about arithmetic. "Doing your sums". "Maths" dosn't start until "A" level - until then it's just arithmetic - which anyone can learn. Just practice.
  12. I'm afraid not.

    Sums/Maths etc have been a problem for me all my life. I failed my TCB primarily due to poor mental arithmatic, and they were right to do so. Up to a certain point it is practice and a case of the penny dropping. If you got a D make the effort and push for that pass. I took the jack way out didn't bother and paid for it. My fault. Don't end up the same.
  13. When I was doing my GCSE's I was thinking of going officer, I was told by the careers office that I would need a C on the higher paper not the intermediate paper my school had me lined up for!

    My head of maths said I couldn't sit the higher maths paper because if I flunked I would make the schools results look bad (B1tch)

    I booked and paid for a higher paper at the school round the corner, I got the C! Shame I got fucked around by the Army when I went to join... I'd be winning if I had joined at 18 not 26!
  14. Thank the Lord I was'nt in your troop.....average walking pace is a little under 3 mph. and 3+ mph. marching pace. 9 mph is a fairly brisk run :D
  15. You'd hope that those who lead our armed forces are somewhat above the national average in most regards.