Will Scotland Follow the Example of Serbia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Mr Kostunica was given the opportunity to stay in past but apparently will be resigning - will Our Alex do the same?

    Scotlands Future
  2. God forbid that this is visited on the UK
  3. Yep, ethnic cleansing of anyone found eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
  4. As a Scotsman and very proud of it. I can honestly say we WILL never get independence from the rest of the UK simply because the Scottish people really don't want it. All they want is to be in charge of their own AFFAIRS and without constant interference from Westminster especially the Conservatives who have a devine right to cause havoc in Scotland whatever the voting people of Scotland want from the Westminster government.
  5. Wee Alec may well form a minority administration.

    But having got hold of this tartan train-set, will he know what to do with it? The levers of power are totally unfamiliar to him. Nicola Sturgeon already has enough to do trying to control her unruly hair, without Holding Things for Wee Alec.

    And so, IMHO, the whole episode will end in tears for the Scottish people.


    And self-inflicted.


    Shame . . . . .
  6. I imagine that there are a lot of people in the south of England saying 'pot, black, kettle' viz a probable Prime Minister who cannot affect healthcare in his own constituency but is busy gobbing off about the NHS to anyone who will listen.
  7. Surely you don't believe that Gordon Broon can be a good Prime Minister in charge of the NHS. Just look at it at the moment, they are trowing billions at it yet it does not get any better.Far too many managers running the system and falling over themselves to get their pay and pensions right before they will use the money for the most important objective..that of patient care.At least the old Labour party made sure that the NHS was working and fair but nowadays it is an utter mess.
  8. I certainly don't believe that Brown will be a good PM, but after all I'm only a healthcare professional so he wouldn't care what I thought anyway.
    The point I was making is that you complain about previous Tory involvement in Scotland despite what the locals voted. In the south of England, should there ever be an English parliament, they could say the same about any Scottish MPs, but in particular those who meddle in English affairs on a regular basis despite having Scottish constituencies - Brown, Darling, Reid, Alexander et al.
    It's a bit rich for you to complain about what the tories did then when Labour are doing it now.
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    It's also rather rich for you only to be irked about it now the boot is on the other foot. Where was the concern for the democratic deficit previously hmm?
  10. Hey, I didn't bring the subject up. If you Scots wish to wallow in the past blaming the Tory party for everything it's your shout not mine.
    You now have your own Parliament etc. Why spend time bitching about what happened over a decade ago? Get over it, unless you believe that the English shouldn't be treated as equals.
  11. I strongly suspect that Wee Alex hasn't got a chance of setting up a minority government if the other major parties have anything to do about it, and so prepare for either a government of the Serb model or for a repeat election.

    Who knows, the next time the SNP might win just because the electorate are so hacked off and so this might go in the favour of Wee Alex
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Well it was you that brought it up ^. However fair enough if inherent unfairness is only worth commenting on when it affects you.
  13. How can there be a government along the lines of the Serbs unless the Lib Dems take part, and Nicol Stephen has said that they will not join a coalition this time?
  14. Sadly I have to disagree with you as I believe the vast majority of those in the inner cities throughout Scotland don't really give a sh1t and what to be rid of the auld enemy. However if there were to be a referendum in which all Scots (expat and impat(?)) were invited to vote then I believe you would be proven right.