Will Scooby Doo Please Stand Up?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Army v Navy, a blerk was nicked for some random reason, and escorted from the grounds.

    Who is that mystery man?????? Would he have done it if it hadn't been for those darned kids?

    Stand up please Scooby, and tell us who you are. The majority of arrsers will probably want to buy you a beer. It was the highlight of the game.
  2. Apparently he tried to get on the pitch but was restrained by that plastic orange barrier and a scary monster.
  3. I've a funny feeling he might be from the Dark Blue side of divide...
  4. A Regimental Scary Monster or merely one of the female stewards in a fetching fluorescent jacket? :?
  5. Poofter eh?
  6. whoever he was he better be there next year...or maybe arrse could boycott the whole game and get everyone to turn up as scooby. Now that would be funny!
  7. It would be funnier if you paid for the costume hire.
  8. We should have someone there in a Mr. Potato-head costume next year :D
  9. chat room is that way----------------->
  10. I know where it is! I was merely asking who it was.

    Didn't you go then? 8)
  11. Sod scooby mate, although he was the b******s. who was shaggy? and who was the bird who nicked his wig?!. I totally forgot there was a match on!
  12. Spiderman looked like he was going to kick off at one point too :?
  13. I particularly enjoyed watching Superman hold up the traffic with one hand outside the Patch. V funny. And that small (female) Copper Sgt was quite bonny, as was the WPC on the other side of the road at the Codee.. Must be a uniform thing.
  14. Hang on, I was there, chatting up coppers, with evidence, m'lud. (I lagged in the gents there as well). :wink:

    Editted to say: Don't even think about it sunshine.