Will Russia Attack Poland next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FARMBOY, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Small article in Time magazine.


    Russia must realise that former Eastern Block countries are not about to trust their former oppressor.

    Russia must work very hard at building a relationship with Europe that is not based on threats and "Old School" Russian leadership - We have seen it all before.

    Will Russia Attack Poland next? With the current Russian government the question is not so extraordinary. Why would any country that has borders with Russia not take precautions in the current political climate.

    What do the FSB "monitors" who haunt this site think :D ?
  2. Attack them from where ? Kaliningrad ? Other options are getting thru Baltic states, Belorussia or Ukraine.

    Attacking Poland from Kaliningrad is akin to have Germans have offensive from Stalingrad to Moscow in Jan 1 1943.

    Please check map. Even Belarus is not as close chum to Russia as before to allow attack on NATO member.

    Beasting Georgia is BIT different than attacking NATO member, don't you think.. :p
  3. I believe it runs something like this:

    A potential enemy has atomic weopans.
    That potential enemy signs major defence pact with 3rd party and intends deploying important military hardware on 3rd party's territory.
    3rd party becomes a natural target should WW3 break out.

    What the difference today, compared to yesterday? Poland has made itself a target when yesterday it wasn't. Simple really.
  4. Clearly you have no idea of the level of Military assets Russia keeps in Kaliningrad (considerable) Russia could easily manage a campaign from Kaliningrad.

    All theoretical - the message has been sent by Poland i.e this is where we stand and it is not with Russia. In the light of what happened in Georgia last week this action by Poland is completely understandable.

    The current Russian administration cannot be trusted.

    I didn't think the FSB would be onto this so soon :D :D
  5. Didn't take long for resident SVR (not FSB) monitor to answer... :D
  6. Oh here we go again... :x

    Where in my post do I actually support the Russia position? I'm just explaining what happened and why.

    Personnally, I think this is all just a storm in a tea-cup. It's a meaningless discussion point unless WW3 kicks off. And if that happens, heaven forbid, Russia will decide what to strike and what not at that time - not because of some diplomatic rhetoric spouted years earlier.
  7. Clearly I do have idea about Russian military assets in Kaliningrad.

    Clearly you do not have any idea what FSB is. If they'd have issue with you, you'd be fcuked, since that means you'd be inside Russia or such. And waiting for knock on door.. :twisted:
  8. Agreed! I do think it is very touching that FSB/SVR (I guess in cyber space ARRSE is as much a home based concern in Russia as an international one!!) are ready to hand out the "party" view - even on a Saturday :D Russian taxpayers (those that pay) should be pleased that their civil servants are working on a Saturday :D
  9. Let me fix this for you !
    :D :D :D
  10. Yes Whitecity - do you not think that Poland may have a position too, in the interests of maintaining a sense of balance please could you furnish us with why Poland may have taken this course of action? Nothing to do with Russia's current foreign policy?
  11. Just wondering why you think Russians can strike against Poland from Kaliningrad...

    1. Poland does have relatively good military and numbers.
    2. Poland is NATO member.

    What actually makes you think Russia could have attack on Poland from Kaliningrad ? Polish military outweights Kaliningrad quite heavily..and supporting such invasion is almost impossible.

    Kaliningrad is completely surrounded, and last time i checked, total shit-heap.

    Rolling Thunder to Gdansk ? :roll:
  12. And that is exactly why we should all be very wary of Russia...the knock on the door on either a Macro or Micro scale - be it nation or individual we must all be wary of Russia.

    Clearly you must know SOOOO much more about Kaliningrad than I do. It's good to have it confirmed that Russia has NO military assets in Kaliningrad - I feel so much better now :D
  13. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But it's hardly the point.

    You're trying to make an argument that Russia is now acting significantly more aggressively towards Poland. You're even trying to suggest a military offensive is possible. It's utter bollux! Have you lost the plot?

    Poland is a member of NATO and the EU. Russia will already have Poland on the 'target list' just like every other NATO member. All that has happened (viz-a-vis Poland) in the last couple of days is that Russia and the US have decided to play a little game of diplomatic rhetoric in public to ramp up tension. Worked on you, didn't it?
  14. I hope not my friend. Gdansk is way too close to my family.
  15. Shut up! I was reacting to a quote from a senior Russian officer in a time magazine article.

    If you don't see that as threatening language from Russia then it is you who have lost the plot.

    Worked on me? Ha Ha ha, sorry I've ALWAYS been suspicious of Russia. But I certainly got a rise out of you!!! Enjoy your weekend :D